Grim Fandango

Grim-Fandango - PC

Grim Fandango

Tim Schafer is best known lately for the Doublefine Adventure Kickstarter project where he managed to get and spend a-ton of money for the development of his upcoming adventure game called Broken Age. But Tim Schafer’s greatest success in my honest opinion was and always will be Grim Fandango, an amazing game that didn’t manage to sell all that well when it was first released back in 1998.
What is Grim Fandango
Grim-Fandango - PC
Grim Fandango is a 3D Adventure Game with a Film Noir art-style inspired from the Mexican holiday “Dia de los Muertos” (Day of the Dead)  and it comes from the good old LucasArts era. It is Manny Calavera’s  4-year journey through the land of the dead to reach the 9th underworld where all the dead souls go to find eternal peace.
Why it is great
Grim-Fandango - PC
This game has an atmosphere unlike any other game I have ever played. The environments are great, the dialogues are amazing, the story is cool, the characters are interesting, the jokes are funny and Glottis is not too big the cars are just too small!
Where can you get it
Grim-Fandango - PC
It is a pretty difficult game to find, since during it’s release it didn’t sell all that much.
I have however found that there are some copies of Grim Fandango being sold on amazon for rediculous prices but can also be found used at ebay.
If you are interested in this game (and you should be) you can find it below:

Ebay – Grim Fandango

Amazon – Grim Fandango

“A ticket on the number 9 is like a leaf of gold Manuel”
Salvador Limones

Commander Keen 4

Commander Keen 4 - PC

This time around we have a classic for any PC gamer that was around in the early 90s. Commander Keen IV is what made the franchise complete as it unveiled a game like no other. Commander Keen was what Mario is for Nintendo, a franchise that always delivered but like any great franchise it must have it’s ace game. This game is Commander Keen at its best and it shows. With great graphics(for its time) And awesome mechanics and sound, there is very little to dislike about this game. The plays very simple, it’s your average platformer but with a spark of creativity that makes it very enjoyable. You play as Billy once more and are on a quest to save some old people! Yeah, these old people are actually a community of keepers that have been kidnapped. Your mission my friend is to save these keepers, sounds simple huh? It’s not! Especially in the later levels as the game becomes more challenging than ever before. Overall, the game is just enjoyable from beginning to end although there are many secrets to be found(I haven’t found all of them).

Commander Keen 4

The music of the game is enjoyable as well, if you are lucky enough to play it in true DOS then you will also be able to choose from the PC speaker sound which isn’t bad at all just very retro. If not, you can always use the wonderful and probably best emulator ever released DOS BOX and find yourself a copy of the game, you’ll do fine like that as well. I wish I had my classic PC out so I could be playing it in pure DOS but I will have to settle for Dos box which is not bad but I think most of you know how much I love classic original stuff(Except Famicom, I wuv Famicom pirates).


To conclude, this amazing masterpiece published by Apogee and developed by ID software Is something that any gamer should play period. It will cost you nothing now that the episode is everywhere on the net and in the end, you’ll have a very enjoyable retro gaming time. I’m telling you this for your own good, be sure to pay respects to the roots of gaming and try it out.

Classic PC Games Collection

Locus - PC Box

Well I decided to show what I have so far in my old PC game collection. I have been looking carefully and have taken my time in finding these. I just love the cover box art from the older games as they are unique in many ways (just look for yourself!). One of my favorite parts of buying these old games is reading the requirements. It’s amazing that the requirements are nothing compared to the PC games nowadays. Well, lets get started.Lets start with Locus. This is a racing game from what I have seen of in the back of the box. The game is still sealed so it would be a better idea to download the shareware online to try it out since I want to keep them like that.

Aliens ate my babysitter - PC Box
This PC game is still my favorite of all. Supposedly this is the only keen game that was released in boxed form so this makes me kinda of sad because I won’t find any other boxes as amazing as this one. The game is still sealed as well so I did the same thing I did with Locus and downloaded the shareware. The box art for this game is just amazing!!!!! AWAAA!! moving on…

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

Many of you might know this title by now….if you don’t then well go get laid or something. This game is also sealed so I would have to do the usual to play it but why would I do that anyways since I have the 3DO version of street fighter…

Off Road Racing

Another racing pc game. This one is also sealed like the other three up there. I wonder if this game has anything to do with the super off road series…it makes you wonder.

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego

This is one of the more famous games from the older PC era right? Right! This game came with a lot of discs as well as an encyclopedia to help you find this bitch. Good luck!


I actually bought this game at EB games some ten years ago… for the retail price of 9.99! I loved this game a lot although every time I play it I always remember when I was sick one time and played this game all day….it’s a bitter sweet memory.

Alien Carnage

This was the latest boxed pc game I bought. The cover art for this title may rival the one of Commander Keen! They are both very good cover arts won’t you agree?

Ancient Empires

Last but not least we have Ancient Empires. The cover art for this game is quite interesting as well but no match for Silpheed and Commander Keen!

So that is it for my collection of boxed old PC games. I will keep looking and finding them as my hunts come along so it should be interesting to find me some other neat titles. The older the game the better! Hope you guys liked this.

Gamer Profile: Alex Aguila

Alex Aguila

There are those who play video games, those who immerse themselves in the video game culture and then those for who gaming is really a part of them. There are millions of fans, but when you truly have a love for all things gaming it sets us apart from the rest. I was honored to spend a few hours with one such person for whom gaming had touched at an early age and stayed with him throughout his life.

Alex Aguila’s love of all things electronic gaming led him to co-founding Alienware, but his love of gaming began long before.  From a very early age he became fascinated with video games, so much so, that after seeing the Atari 2600 in action he saved up money  From there he began collecting games from Colecovision to the Commodore 64. Even before the success of Alienware, Alex had an impressive gaming collection that has continued to grow over the years.

I was able to personally view his collection and it was awe inspiring. It was much more than the sheer volume, but the care he took in preserving them and the joy he had in talking about them. Many older games were still wrapped in their original plastic. Others though opened were in pristine condition and we talked about how classic games had a collectors feel long before expensive over bloated collectors’ editions of games became the norm.

What made me smile like a child in Electronics Boutique was that I could hear in his voice that he truly cared about the gaming industry. There was excitement in his voice when we talked about the past and how in the 90’s a golden age of gaming began when there was so much choice in gaming in arcades, home console systems and the emerging PC gaming market.

Simply put when you convert a shower into a display case for your collection of console systems you know you have a true gamer before you. Besides the normal Sega Genesis and Nintendo Entertainment System, Alex also had systems I was not aware of like the Vectrex which is an all in one video game system that used vector graphics. Alex then showed me an Atari that was unopened and joked about how he posted on Atari Age that he was considering opening it so he could play. He told me many people offered to send him opened Atari systems just so he would keep his sealed.

In addition to console systems Alex also had an impressive collection of handheld videos games. Long before the Gameboy, these simple but addictive games ruled the market. Then I took a look at his clone’s collection. Clones are systems made by third parties that can play games from systems such as the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. Some, like the FC twin allow you to play both Super and classic Nintendo games on the game console. Another cool device was the Retro Mini portable, a device that used the original NES cartridges, but allows you to take it on the go.

Alex is a complete fan of all things electronic gaming meaning that he can enjoy playing the original Atari 2600 using the original cartridge as well as utilizing modern equipment and technology such as emulators. He stressed the importance of those in the community who work to not only preserve classic gaming, but allow new fans to enjoy games of the past. Using programs such as DOSBox allows many gamers to play classic PC games that just won’t run correctly on today’s operating systems.

When I walked into Alex’s arcade room I almost fainted. It was like something out of my childhood dreams except for the large Dallas Cowboys star on the wall. Right away what caught my eye was the M.A.M.E. arcade cabinet next to the air hockey machine. However, something else that caught my eye was the collection of pinball machines. Unfortunately, there seems to be a disconnect between pinball fans and video game fans and it was good to see that Alex enjoyed both.

On the back wall were several classic arcade cabinets including Defender, Joust and Robotron. The systems were all from Retrocade and Alex explained that originally he wanted to keep the classic original cabinets, but it is truly a lot of work dangerous even to care and maintain due to the circuit boards and electronics used in those older systems.


After my tour I sat down with Alex and we talked about his own gaming history from his first console to meeting game designers and developers with Michael Dell. I was even able to instigate a challenge between Alex and Arthur Lewis, Alienware’s general manager.

This began during my coverage at E3 where I was able to talk to Arthur over at the Alienware booth. In addition to telling me about his own love of gaming he mentioned getting together with Alex to play Tecmo Bowl and that they were scheduled to have a game soon.

Arthur Lewis @ E3

Alex tells a story about a classic gaming of Tecmo Bowl against Arthur where the loser would have to walk around the hotel halls in their underwear. Alex lost and believed the underwear thing was just a joke, unfortunately it was not. Alex said that it has been a while since they had played and that if a rematch did come about Arthur would find himself on the losing end. Of course, I plan to press this to see if a rematch will happen though I doubt the loser will have to do anything too embarrassing.

Alex Aguila Interview


Saying goodbye I felt slightly sad to be honest. Being there and seeing someone love video gaming as much as I do reminded me of my summer days of spending hours doing nothing but gaming. On the other hand it is truly nice to find people who continue doing something they love even as they mature and their lives change. My day with a true gamer, Alex Aguila is not one I will soon forget.