classic flash games

Karate Blazers Flash Game

Karate Blazer is a classic Beat Em Up game released originally to the arcades in 1991. In the game you choose from 4 disciples of an old martials arts master that was killed. If that was not bad enough his daughter was kidnapped and his special scrolls were stolen. What’s so special about the scrolls? Oh, they just happened to contain knowledge on the secret technique known as the “Killing” blow. [...]

Track and Field 2 Flash Game

In 1988 Track & Field II was released for the NES by Konami following up the success of the first game. The game improved on itself by allowing you to choose a country to represent in the Olympic-style contests. There are a number of events from Fencing to the Triple Jump all controlled with the directional pad and the A and B buttons found on the classic NES controller. [...]

Xevious Flash Game

Namco released the space ship shooter, Xevious in 1982. In fact, it was one of the first forward scrolling shooters and one of the first games to have a television commercial. Your aircraft is called a, Solvalous and you must use it to fight an army of enemy aircraft and strangely enough, you are doing this mostly over the country of Peru. Mouse click to start. [...]

Prince of Persia Flash Game

In 1989 Broderbund brought us the classic computer game, Prince of Persia. The game is set in ancient Persia where the sultan is away fighting a war his vizier, Jaffar seizes power and locks the princess in the tower. His plan is to force her to marry him so he would rightfully control the kingdom, but she is in love with our young hero. You play the young hero who is captured and thrown in a deep dungeon. You must use speed, agility and sword fighting skills to escape in time to defeat Jaffar and save the kingdom. [...]

Puzzle Bobble Flash Game

Created by Taito in 1994 this arcade puzzle game features the dinosaurs from Bubble Bobble. This time you are match up the different colored orbs and once you get 3 or more of the same color they break and you move on. You have to use aim and strategy and be a little quick as the orbs being to drop towards to Space Invaders style and if they reach you it’s game over. Click the ‘push 1p to start’ flashing text to start. Arrow keys to move and space bar to fire bubbles. [...]

Quake Flash Game

In 1996 Quake made its way to computers everywhere after the mega success of Doom. Also created by Id Software, Quake has that same sci-fi style that Doom had except this time you are facing alien hordes not demons from hell, but the weapons are just as badass and the enemies are just as dangerous. [...]

Doom Flash Game

The game that killed office productivity, Doom was released in 1993 by Id Software. It is a first person shooter where you play a space marine who find himself fighting hordes of invading demons from Hell. The good thing is you have a ton of different weapons and power-ups as well as health to help you along the way. The bad news, you’re all alone. [...]

Commando Flash Game

Released in 1985 by Capcom, Commando is a run and gun arcade game where you control a soldier named, Super Joe. You have been dropped off by a helicopter in a jungle and have to take out an entire army, by yourself. At least you have a sub-machine gun with unlimited bullets, but you don’t have unlimited grenades. Good Luck! [...]

Bomb Jack Flash Game

This action platform game was developed and published by Tehkan in 1984. In this classic arcade game you control, Jack, a superhero who can jump and glide and you will need those skills to collect bombs left at famous tourist sites before they explode. Luckily for you, all you need to do to defuse them is touch them. [...]