Bomb jack

Bomb Jack Flash Game

This action platform game was developed and published by Tehkan in 1984. In this classic arcade game you control, Jack, a superhero who can jump and glide and you will need those skills to collect bombs left at famous tourist sites before they explode. Luckily for you, all you need to do to defuse them is touch them. [...]

GameBoy Color 23 in 1 Cartridge

I’m not going into great details of each game, but I will say Bonk’s Adventure and Bomb Jack are my favorites of the bunch, and my least favorite game would really have to be Minesweeper. I thought I would never have to see that game again, I was wrong. Ninja Boy is an interesting adventure game and Klax is great for those of you who love Tetris type of games. Stack things up in a row to get rid of them and repeat. The tennis game aint half bad either. Of course Battle City is a classic and everyone should give that a try. It’s even funner on 2 player. [...]

Bomb Jack

It’s not all easy going for Jack, he has to avoid various monsters and aliens that chase him around the screen. However, if you collect the powerball when it appears, it freezes the baddies for a short period of time, during which, you can kill them simply by touching them. There are other items to be picked up that give you additional bonus points or extra credits. The game starts to repeat after Level 18. However, you will be too busy darting around the screen, collecting bombs to notice. Bomb Jack is one of those old games that invoke memories of playing it at the corner shop or fish’n chips store across your school. I know, it does for me. Most of my pocket money went into playing this game. It kept me out of trouble, which is always a good thing. [...]

Bomb Jack

One of the best features of Bomb Jack is its scoring system. As soon as you grab your first bomb on any given stage, another bomb will start fizzing. A fizzing bomb is called a Fire Bomb and collecting one will then cause another to start fizzing, and so on. Collecting a fire bomb gives you double the points of a normal bomb and if you collect more than twenty of them in one round you’ll receive a large bonus at the end of it, increasing to fifty thousand points if you manage to collect all 23 of them. [...]