Games to Buy: Dec 7th 2010

Thanks to the Wii, brining you wastes of time since 2006, you can now Yoga your way to the backwards sun pretzel position in just a few short weeks. This hot new program will teach you how to get your mind and body in sync preparing you for long nights of passion. Keggle’s add-on pack not included.

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Company Representatives

Anila Andrade: 99 Games Online

I’m a puzzle freak and tend to like any game that belongs to this genre. It’s skill based and also involves an element of strategy in it. The art is incredible and the game has kept me hooked on for hours! We recently released a new title for the iPhone and iPad – The Jim and Frank Mysteries-The Blood River Files. Was a combo of puzzles and adventure.

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Mobile Games


The more you play the game, the harder it gets. It might not necessarily seem like it but you will find yourself more limited with initial combos once the new level spawns. Overall, if you find the game too easy, you can simply play it in time mode, which is much harder. You start each game at level 1 and there is no way to artificially manipulate this, so you will go through the same difficulty curve every time. The higher the level you go higher then chance you have of dying simply from running out of moves. Once that happens, it’s game over and there is no continue.

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