Interesting move: World of Warcraft Now Only Requires A Subscription Fee for old content

Now for those wanting to play the new, Battle for Azeroth expansion you will still need to pay the $49.99 to get that content, but this move makes it easier for people to come back to WOW or for new players to start without having to worry about purchasing previous expansions.

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Which genre had a bigger impact to PC gaming RTS or FPS games?

When I went to my first LAN party here in Florida it was the guys from Red-Eye that showed me how to use mouse look in order to properly use the hook in Lithium Quake 2. Now don’t get me wrong, StarCraft, Warcraft, Total Annihilation were also a big part of our LAN gaming, but it was games like Tribes, Duke Nukem, Shogo and Doom 2 that ruled our playtime.

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