Strategy Guide – Battleforge: Battlegrounds

Bloodhorn from Battleforge
Bloodhorn from Battleforge

Strategy Guide – Battleforge: Battlegrounds by Honorabili

In order to get the most upgrades one should do as high a difficulty as possible in the battlegrounds (I’ll refer to it as bg) with a guaranteed win. If you try to do a bg of one more difficulty than your deck/skill can safely conquer and you win only half the time, you’re pretty much wasting your time. Although you might get some gold, bg is not entended to give gold, merely tokens, so you pretty much just wasted your time.

I think that bg’s were made harder lately in the latest patch/update so I am writing a few tips that I always use and that always net me a victory. They mainly made the bg’s harder by lowering the time limit and “correcting” the spawn rate of enemy waves.

I see a lot of people playing and they don’t really know how to follow the map in the correct kill/aggro order. Although the maps are “randomly” generated, all that is random is the placement of buildings and units, the maps are pretty much templates that repeat. Sometimes they mirror or are inverted, sometimes they have a slight variation but pretty much they are the same every time. The strategy I found is to simply attack whatever it closest to your first orb, perpendicular to it. Usually the enemies will be sorted by increasing difficulty with the stuff closest to you being the weakest. Take them out in the correct order.

Talking about aggro, it’s always a good idea to keep your finger on the E key, especially if you have a bunch of swift melee units that want to fight everything and will tend to aggro the whole freaking map. I recommend having these swift melee units to help you take out the production buildings (tents, coffins, whatever) that will be particularly annoying in the T1-T3 phase or a ton of missile units that will focus on taking out the production building. I usually play shadow or nature hybrid decks to do bg’s and I recommend just mainly going to the production building especially in the higher difficulties. Once your archers/troops are within the enemy base and they are getting raped by all those melee troops just keep running in there and spamming foot soldiers or shock troops closer and closer to the production building. Take it out ASAP; if you don’t you (and your team mates) will regret it. It’s not necessarily that the bg’s are hard (unless you play 9 or 10 all the time) but it is a problem that you will run out of time most of the time. It’s important to have spells that neutralize your enemies for a few seconds such as Curse of Oink.

Once you get to the part where you are fighting bosses, I found the best tactic is to get near that base and kite them out of the base and fight outside, preferably outside of the range of their turrets/mortal tower buildings. Once there have most of your units take him our or his liutenants and it will be a piece of cake from there. As far as T4 sieges, I personally like using Bloodhorns or similar troops that have the stampede/charge ability. Just active, point in a direction and every building in that direction basically shatters. A lot of the bg’s now have flying units that paralyze your units so they are to be a priority as well. I also make a ton of flying units that focus on solely going for the production building. I use damage resistance spells such as Unholy Power or Unity or the use of the most overpowered building in the game, Wheel of Gifts (multiple ones built and triggered at the same time.

On the point of killing turrets, most of them suck. You can just ignore them except when you are using small units, where they will rape you. The only other real problem with turrets is that they will get in the way of the line of fire for the production building. Take that specific one out and then snipe, snipe, snipe.

Some people also make specific decks towards the Map of the Week, which you can use to farm over and over for tokens.

Enjoy and go collect those tokens!

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4 thoughts on “Strategy Guide – Battleforge: Battlegrounds

  • “Although you might get some gold, bg is not entended to give gold, merely tokens, so you pretty much just wasted your time.” I think you are completely wrong, a game is meant to be played for fun, you are not wasting your time doing something more than you can handle, some people actually enjoy a challenge.

  • Ascension and Passage to Darkness runs are a much more time efficient ways to gain gold for gold only. I wouldn’t play BF if the game weren’t fun. =P

  • thx im going to try that

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