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The Obsolete Gamer Show: Rick Delano (The Principle)

We welcome Rick Delano producer of the documentary film, The Principle to the Obsolete Gamer Show. His film seeks to debunk the Copernican principle and if you are wondering what that it don’t feel bad, I had forgotten as well.. This was a departure from our normal interviews on OGS, but we all love film and science and when we heard this had some controversy as well we just had to check this out.

First the general Copernican principle is that earth is not in any specially favored or central location in the universe. We are just a blue marble in a big giant playground. The film attempts to prove that earth is not only special but the center of the universe. As you can guess there are competing sides on this and for the most part it ends up becoming a battle of science vs. religion with science being on the we are not the center side and religion being on the we are the center side.


Now the film itself it very well done. Even if you do not know anything about astronomy the documentary takes you through the history of scientific and religious discovery and history and it provides viewpoints from prominent scientists in their fields. There was controversy because some of the scientists interviewed claimed they were misled about the subject matter and I brought this up in the interview. The audio and visuals were well done and put together regardless of what you think of the subject matter and while it definitely is pushing a specific point it does feature opposing points as well.

The Principle Screenshot1

In the interview I try to focus more on how the general public absorbed the film and the ideas and viewpoints it made. When looking at the reviews and comments for the film you saw a lot of attacks and hate for each side. Being an atheist myself, I may not believe in God, but I also not believe in attacking those who do. It was interesting to get Mr. Delano’s viewpoints on how others reacted to his film and the idea of earth being the center of the universe and the impact that would have on daily life.

One should watch documentaries to expand their mind and even if you find you do not agree with the premise or the result you still learned something along the way. I certainly learned something watching The Principle and in my interview with Rick Delano. So check out our interview and let us know what you think and you check out the film here.

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