M.A.M.E of the Game – Let’s Play: Dancing Eye’s

dancing eyes poster

MAME of the Game is back with a new episode and this time J.A. Laraque has found a game that combines the perv he knew was inside him with the gamer that he has become. Dancing Eyes is an arcade game published by Namco in 1996 and featured a small monkey than walks or “dances” around a 3D grid that is placed around various women.

These titles are usually the clothing the women are wearing, but can sometimes be other items such as boxes or curtains. Now, there is no nudity, but the game is still pretty pervy as your main goal is just undressing these women and avoiding other animal enemies. Yes, that is pretty much it. You can collect power ups to increase your speed or size (kind of sounds like a male enhancement commercial) but all in all that is the main goal.