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Independent GAMER: ALEX ARIS

Here at Obsolete Gamer we like to check out games no matter if the developer is a huge global company, or just a single programming working away in his bed room. Definitely in the second category is Alex Aris, here are some of the games he has developed.

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01 - Bugsy - In Game

Confused in an insect world, Bugsy must travel his way through four seasons, 16 levels in total. So that he can reach the comfort of his own domain. Life is not that simple though, before an exit to the next level is opened, Bugsy must collect all Coins to open it. Others Insects will try and stop him, only food can sustain his energy levels to progress forward.


Elastic Band Warrior

02 - Elastic Band Warrior - In Game02 - Elastic Band Warrior - Title

The aim of the game is to collect all of the Karma Crystals, whilst trying to avoid, Ghosts, Zombies and Bouncing Balls ! If you study the level, you will notice that the Ghosts are one of the keys to the Game. Shooting an Elastic Band at them will cause a replication reaction, producing more Enemies and the chance of a Karma Crystal in being dropped. You may also move off the screen and appear on the other side, e.g. move right and appear on the left. Useful, but be careful not to bump into an unsuspecting Enemy !


Office Worker

03 - Office Worker - In Game03 - Office Worker - Title

Office Worker Greg grew tired of the daily grind and needed a change, help him collect various items and solve the ultimate puzzle to get through the week and find devine happiness.


Light Bulb Luke

04 - Lightbulb Luke - In Game04 - Lightbulb Luke - Title

Jobs are second nature to Luke, with thanks to his varied talents at everyday jobs. No task undertaken is difficult to him ! Rock ‘n’ Roll is his favourite musical preference and likes to listen to it, whenever he can. With your guidance, you will be able to help Luke in his quest for great achievement, by completing a job and gaining a most respected reputation, no matter how big or small a task is !


Phantom Millennium

05 - Phantom Millennium - In Game05 - Phantom Millennium - Title

Shoot your way through five action packed levels, whilst trying to avoid the enemy at all costs. During your mission, you will come under attack from Submarines, Dome Gunners, Missile Launchers, Jet and Propelled Aircraft, and terrifying Fireballs being spat from nearby Volcanoes etc. You must head for the Nuclear and Fuel installations based at the end of Level five to achieve and complete your mission.


Coin Mania Remix

06 - Coin Mania Remix - In Game06 - Coin Mania Remix - Title

Bounce your way through 25 puzzle packed levels, whilst collecting Coins against the Clock in order to reach the end Tile. On route, you will encounter obstacles along your path, like Glue – giving you a delay in penalty Time. Although, you will have Directional Arrows and Teleport Pads to put you on the right route with Bonus Extra Lives as well. Each level will have it’s own route and sometimes there will be more than one route to complete a Level. There are two types of Tile, Non-Solid and Solid. Non-Solid Tiles will last for three seconds before they break up and Solid Tiles are there to serve as a firmer base. Watch out for the Extra Time Clocks to give you more Time to complete a level.

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3 thoughts on “Independent GAMER: ALEX ARIS

  • Free games! Awesome!

  • It’s always nice to design games and *free* for all to benefit from ! Donations are also appreciated ! πŸ˜‰

    I’m hoping to release a few more games this year and hopefully two on iOS and Android, a Puzzle and Shooting game. Fingers crossed ! πŸ˜‰

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