When Grandparents fail

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By the time I was 10, I had enough plastic army men to take North Korea. ~J.A. Laraque

When Grandparents fail

So this was sent to us from a post on Reddit. Apparently this was given to someone from their grandparent as a gift. It was hailed as the next gen handheld console that all the kids are playing from the person that sold it to the grandparent. Well it is in fact a very cheap little game that costs about 10 bucks on Amazon.

Agp x-system

Sadly this happens a lot not just to older people put to people who do not know a console from a cheap piece of plastic or a Nintendo Wii. For years growing up I was a victim of the relative that either had no idea of how to shop for a kid for Christmas or a last minute shopper who bought me plastic army men from the gas station on the way to holiday dinner. By the time I was 10, I had enough plastic army men to take North Korea.

Now this buy was bad, but it can get worse because many people are fooled by knock-offs. You can see a number of them on our Monday Motivation post about them. In Miami, we have a ton of flea markets where you can find these and the sales people are more than willing to trick unsuspecting shoppers into buying a Gamecast for only 69.99 that has 180 built in games that your 16 year old will absolutely hate.

Do us all a favor, stick to gift cards.

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