Free Stuff – Angry Video Game Nerd

Free Stuff – Angry Video Game Nerd

Angry Video Game Nerd
Angry Video Game Nerd

If you played any crappy game in the past and you were obsessed with it, you will love the comedy gold put out by our friend Angry Video Game Nerd (James Rolfe). Here is the link to his main website where you can check out his video game rants and also his videos on movies and cinema in general, old forgotten board games, and other things he finds interesting.

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I've been gaming since the introduction of the Commodore 64. After that computer I moved onto Amiga and finally onto PC. As far as consoles go I mainly enjoy the older systems.

5 thoughts on “Free Stuff – Angry Video Game Nerd

  • the avgn,is a quite good character, i love is super productions,he do awesome reviews and you can see his collection is huge,but sometimes i don’t feel his anger,overreacted and i don fell it real,i rather preffer an amateur review,have you saw the laser disck review,is so real,so epice…he don’t overreacted and you can see his true fellings,althoug i love the halloweens specials and mi favorites of all the time is te phillip cdi review..witch are you’rs favorite reviews?

  • I think I like most when he reviewed the castlevania games… maybe Silver Surfer.

  • Love the nerd!!! I watch your videos all the time!! keep up the great work

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