Flea Market Finds 1

Here are some really kewl finds I was able to find at the flea market. I got them for real cheap ahh you can’t beat the flea market prices. Anyways, here are some photos:


Gamebox classic box with Games

The Gameboy is in great shape! It’s a great find in my opinion! It also came with these 3 games which is a nice plus. The cart in the top right is a cleaning kit for the gameboy. I never seen one of these before so it’s a nice treat, in fact I didn’t know one of these existed.


Game Genie for Sega Genesis and Legend of the Mystical Ninja

Now I have to show you a game genie for the Genesis and Legend of the Mystical Ninja for the SNES. They are both OK finds and I really can’t complain.

I hope the future brings me more finds to be able to grow my collection of classic gaming related items.

Views: 2008

Luis Zena

I'm Luis Z, aka Famicomfreak from Retro Gaming Life the site that has everything you need to know about retro games, emulation, and information involving the magical past of video gaming.

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