The OTHER fake gamers

The OTHER fake gamers

I remember going to my friend, Jimmy’s house. His dad made commercials and he was showing us this glass of what I thought has ice and Pepsi in it. Funny thing was it had neither.  The ice cubes were a specially made plastic and the liquid was designed to look even better than real Pepsi. A piece of my childhood died that day and that was before he showed us all the other fake food they show us in commercials. He was kind of a buzz kill.

they are not really having fun

This picture is setup perfectly which leaves so much wrong with it. I mean first of all, they are playing Mario Bros and the Mario Bros cartridge is sitting outside so I guess they got two of them, one to play and one so you can see what they are playing, nevermind that there is the television and all.

Second of all, no parents as old as the ones pictured are that interested in any video game, yes, even the Wii. Finally, will someone tell that poor kid in the yellow and black that he is not really playing? I am sure his life is sad enough, don’t torment him any further.

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