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Eitan Glinert: Fire Hose Games

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Name: Eitan Glinert

Company: Fire Hose Games

Profession: Creative Director and Fire Chief

Favorite Classic Game: (Can’t pick just one) Marble Madness and Lemmings

Quote: Marble Madness was one of the best games ever created, and is STILL fun today more than two decades later. I used to play on the Amiga 2000 with my older sister; she preferred the mouse, while I preferred the obviously superior joystick. The game was ridiculously hard, and between the “Silly” 5th level and the “Ultimate” 6th level it taught me the meaning of frustration.

Lemmings was a fantastic time sink; some of the later levels were some of the best designed puzzles I’ve ever seen. I used to stay up late coming up with strategies for how to beat certain levels with my dad (he always had better ideas than me, but hey I was 6!)

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One thought on “Eitan Glinert: Fire Hose Games

  • Both Marble Madness and Lemmings are great classic 80s and 90s puzzle games that were also extremely frustratingly hard!

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