You don’t get the show #8: We’re being Normal (For Gamers)

We take a little end of summer break and next thing you know everyone is playing World of Warcraft Legion like a heroin addict. Randy breaks down for J.A. why Legion is worth returning to W.O.W.

During all this we stumble unto a conversation about playing with your significant other or someone you hope will become one. How much can you contain that rage gamer if he or she screws up in co-op or PVP? Can you be a kind teacher or will you rage out and mess up your chance at love or at least sex. Randy shares a touching co-op gaming story between him and his wife.

Finally, we have a tale of No Man’s Sky, its creator, Kotaku and death threats. Overall, we were pretty normal this week, normal for gamers, but you should check out the show anyway.