Donkey Kong

Donkey KongDonkey Kong

Donkey Kong PAL is quite unique in a very specific way. The game contains a level never before seen in the other releases. Not even the arcade version had it so it’s quite a thrill to be able to play it. Of course, with this game as many of you might already know, will get the original three levels. The game plays the same as the original so it keeps the same great gameplay as well. Lets get to the new level alright?

Donkey Kong
The new level brings some never before seen obstacles to the game. The floor on the second floor moves to either left or right and make it very hard for you to move around. It’s best to use your jump technique to get to the closest ladder and move up. As you can see, the fireballs are there to fry your ass and the oil barrel is up there creating havoc for Mario. The level overall is not as challenging as you would think, it’s the second level in the game after all. As soon as you reach the top level Donkey Kong will take the sexy girl up once more.

Donkey Kong
As usual, the ending is the same as the other versions so it’s all good as I never expected a different ending since there is only an added level to the game. This new added made me think though what if they would have added around twenty levels to the game. The development team would have been wise to at least add something more to the game but then again these were times where you would try to get the highest score you could so getting familiarized with the levels would have been a lot more difficult with more of them altogether. It was all about how much and bad you scored!


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