Commercial Wars: Best use of Spider-Man

obama and spiderman
obama and spiderman

Spider-man, Spider-man, friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Ah, the wall crawler has been a fan favorite for generations and our web slinging hero has been in a ton of video games across pretty much every console system, hand held and computer.

In some instances we just get the game footage and maybe a little music as the name should sell itself. However, some of the commercials for Spider-Man games were just classic for the good and for the bad. Let’s take a look at three different Spider-Man video game commercials and decide which company used him best.

Atari 2600 – Spider-Man

You have to love the eighties. I mean just look at these costumes they are just incredible. Funny thing is Spider-Man’s costume still looks better than Superman’s latest live action version. I love the enthusiasm the Green Goblin has. I mean I know he is crazy, but damn.

Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro

Another live action commercial this time featuring Electro and I must say it looks pretty good regardless of how silly Electro’s costume is. The special effects look good from the electricity to even Spider-Man’s web. Unfortunately, I am left without jokes to make because everything comes together well considering and even the game was fun.

Spider-Man Vote

Alright, you got me. This is not a video game, but you have to admit this is pretty awesome. If you thought ACORN had issues just imagine filling out your voter registration as Spider-Man and you know he votes Democrat so the tea party would be all over him.

My Spider sense is broken

You guys make the call which was the best use of Spider-man?

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