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World of Warplanes: IL-10M Mega Money Profit Over 600k Net

Completing with distinction one of the Christmas events I was able to never over 600k profit in my tier 8 Chinese Ground Attack, the IL-10M.

World of Warplanes: XP-75 Eagle, Cat And Mouse Game

This match looked bad because of the cap bar. It came down to a 1 vs 1 duel…

Switchcars: Made It To 2030

In this run we make it all the way to 2030, keep moving on up!

Let’s Play World of Warplanes: Ki -61 Hien Turning Killer 10 Kills

In this match I was possessed by the ghost of a real Samurai, getting 10 kills (13 flight kills) in a match that started out pretty bad with people getting split up from the main group and crying about it.

Fractured Space: Front Line, Brawler, 13T 2D 3SP 5C, 01 26 2017 19 37 04 14

This was my first match in the Brawler, playing Front Line against the AIs.

World of Warplanes: P-40 M-105 First Game After Overclock 8 Kills

After applying my overclock, here is my first game after doing so. The results were 8 kill in a tier 5 game in one of the worst tier 5 premiums in the game.

Fractured Space: Venturer, Forward Base Solo, 10T 0D 0 SP 3C 01 26 2017 19 11 13 13

This was my first match Forward Base against the AIs. I was using the ship Venturer.

World of Warplanes: F-84B Thunderjet Mega Super XP 32k Total XP 7 Kills 3420 Base XP

After overclocking my first gen i7 from 2.66 Ghz Base (2.8 Ghz before) to now 4.0 Ghz, I noticed my frame rate average went way up and my accuracy improved dramatically. This battle was filled with cool kills and awesome screenshot potentials, especially ...

World of Warplanes: XFL-1 Airabonita Que Bonita (7 Kills)

Although the XFL-1 Airabonita isn’t too good, I got lucky in this match and ended up getting 7 Kills with it. I think much like the Airacobra, you have to pick the right targets in the right order to hit them with your big cannon and hit at point ...

Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander – Intro Missions

Halcyon 6 is an awesome 4X game that’s a mix of many other classic games, such as X-COM, Star Control, Ur-Quan Masters, and even Final Fantasy. Here are the initial missions for the game’s main campaign.

World of Warplanes: DEFEAT, NC 1070, Ace Destroyer But Lost To Cap

I lost because I tried to kill the last plane. I might have been able to win by just simply blowing up the remaining ground targets…

Switchcars: Made It To 2002

This time I made it to 2002!!!
World of Warplanes

World of Warplanes: IL-40 Literally A Last Second Win

I win in my IL-40 at literally the last fraction of a second. When in a situation like this, always be thinking!
World of Tanks

World of Tanks: A-43 I Died With Honor

In this World of Tanks match, I ended defending the eastern flank nearly alone in my A-43 tier 6 USSR medium tank.
world of warplanes

World of Warplanes: First Battle In The New Arsenal VB 10 (Ace)

In my first battle in the new Arsenal VB 10 tier 7 French Heavy Fighter we can see how overpowered the plane is. It literally shatters most enemies quickly and has enough boost to boost across the entire map in one burst. The VB 10 was earned via the ...
world of warplanes

World of Warplanes: NC 1070 8 Kill Clostermann’s Medal

A little fun with the very capable NC 1070.