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Blizz Con 2010 logo
Blizz Con 2010 logo

So you hit the refresh button so many times that you have permanent nerve damage and have nothing to show for it. Well at least you can purchase a virtual ticket. The bad news is Blizzcon 2010 tickets sold out faster than it took to load the order page. The good news is if you really just wanted the loot for attending then you are in luck.

Personally if you have never gone to a Blizzcon you should at least once. Having said that you really only need to go once unless you really like long lines and stinky bathrooms.

Going virtual nets you the advantage of only watching what you want and you can DVR it so that makes it even better. You do save a ton of cash, but you don’t get to see the random fight break out or the drunken cosplayer’s at the event.

Here is what you get with your virtual ticket:

•  Four live internet channels offering over 50 hours of HD BlizzCon programming

• Exclusive World of Warcraft® pet “Deathy” the Murloc — and StarCraft II® in-game items

• Access to exclusive BlizzCon merchandise sale*

• Complete coverage of panel discussions, tournaments, community contests, the latest game-related updates, plus BlizzCon exclusive developer interviews and the epic closing ceremony

• Enhanced video on demand and DVR functionality

All in all not too bad. So if you are interested click here to order now.

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  • Don’t give blizzard any more of your money!

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