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Battlefield 1942 (PC)


Developer: Digital Illusions

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Genre: First Person Shooter

Release Date: 2002

Awesome little FPS this, many hours of addiction and therapy needed to drag myself away. Even though the game is getting on a bit now, the graphics for one are certainly looking dated I still keep coming back for the odd game now and again, especially multi-player. The main game consists of capturing and controlling certain strategic points on the game map, almost a multiple capture the flag scenario. Once a team captures a point team members can spawn there, however when a team loses control of all of these points they cannot respawn and if all the players are killed the team with no spawn points loses (deep breath).


The player can choose to play as either the Allied powers or the Axis powers. The Allies consists of the US, UK, Soviet Union, Canada and the French. The Axis consists of Germany, Japan and Italy. Regardless of which side you chose you’ll get a choice of five different character classes to choose from; Scout, Assault, Medic, Anti-tank, and Engineer. All have certain distinct advantages depending on individual tastes, I tended to stick with Scout and Assault as they move quicker, helpful in making it to the coolest vehicle first or for general running away.


Some of my favourite scenarios in this game feature air combat. Let’s be honest, running across the vast maps, especially El Alamein, is a tad boring, driving or flying is much more fun and recommended. The game has a nice choice of vehicles to use and destroy and it’s always satisfying landing that bomb on target or engaging the enemy in a dogfight.


Although the game play remains fun (there’s nothing like trying to fly a bomber like a fighter, or seeing the pilot parachuting out of the plane you’re all in) the graphics are  looking a bit naff, and the control system seems slow and clunky, especially if you’ve been sitting there playing something newer and shinier. It’s a game for Sunday afternoon when it’s raining and you’re not in the mood for anything to stressful from the gaming library.


Also released were several expansion packs for the original Battlefield 1942 titled; Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome and Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII. Both added various new game play modes and design concepts but in my opinion didn’t really offer anything amazing or new in terms of playability.

I enjoy this game probably more than I should but then I can’t help it. The catchy intro music even has a certain appeal, so much so I even looked up the composer Joel Eriksson for this blog, see his IMDB page here! If any of you have played Dogfight for the Amiga the theme tune gives me the same sense of nostalgia and charm for a game, on its release, I couldn’t put down for 5 minutes without getting the urge to play it again.

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James Hare

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6 thoughts on “Battlefield 1942 (PC)

  • I can only speak for myself but WW2 is my favourite setting for war games (and films). That and possibly the Vietnam war. Now I got the urge to play Commandos: Behind enemy lines and Platoon (C64 version). 🙂

  • And after that I’d like to watch Where Eagles Dare followed by the complete Tour of Duty series. 🙂

  • I liked the more mission aspect of the WW2 games. I even liked World at War. So if they made one that mixed the large scale battles with smaller mission types I would be very interested. -J.A.

  • They are going to have to make it vastly different from the 509 other WWII games I’ve played. I know that’s a shitty answer but the era has been driven into the ground, I’d love to see a title focused on the espionage tactics employed during that time.

  • I miss the WWII era games. Oh sure there are a few every now and then , Sniper v2.0, but I miss games like the old MOH. Storming Omaha beach still is one of my favorite gaming moments. I even got addicted to playing online based on the WWII theme. My battle cry was “the only thing manly about the Nazi’s are their women” 🙂
    Modern FPS are ok but frankly I have grown bored with them. I miss games like the MOH, COD and Deadly Dozen 2. I’m not saying I hate modern FPS but I just would like to play games that are based around some of my favorite eras.

  • Oh and stop it with the damn zombies. Not every game needs a zombie level. Jeez, talk about driving a subject into the ground.

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