Debate: The Dragon*Con Boycott

When I woke up the next morning, the first thing I did was check my view count. There were roughly 800 views between my article, and the statement from Voltaire, with a handful of views for Nancy’s interview, and Dragon*Con PR. This was HUGE! This happened in my sleep! I don’t think my best fashion piece has reached 800 views YET, with months for them to collect views. An average post of mine gets 200-ish on the first day (which is the most important). So I was on cloud nine because I hadn’t even publicized my work yet. I’d posted it on my Facebook page, and sent the link to Nancy, Voltaire, and the Dragon*Con PR, that was it. [...]

Tips for a Gamer Mom or How NOT to be a Clara

Because, let’s face it. We aren’t kids anymore. We have kids! And we alone are responsible for leveling them up! We have to balance their skill trees, and make sure they’re always up to par for whatever life brings at them. Ok, yeah, that was cheesy, I know, but it’s TRUE! If you’re a parent and a gamer, you have got to recognize that your children are more important than your in game character. When they need your attention, don’t be afraid to upset your party by logging off. If your kids are more important to you than gaming, let them know by your actions! [...]

How Gaming Changed This Girl’s Life

It’s funny how, in the beginning, he thought it was cool dating a girl who liked gaming. He now cautions guys against dating gamer girls! He was just mad that I took over his Playstation for about a whole solid month. Yeah, I know it shouldn’t have been that long, but I’m one of those “gotta get everything” kinda gamers… so I went for every character… played out every possible subplot… even used the strategy guide to make sure I didn’t miss anything. And boy did I get everything! It changed my life. [...]