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ApGames logo
ApGames logo

Name: Andreas Persson


Company: ApGames

Profession: Programmer


Favorite Classic Game: DoDonpachi

Quote: DoDonpachi was one of the first “bullet hell” shooters and in my opinion still number one. A game that when you play it for high score never gets old. DoDonpachi is all about the gameplay and that perfect round. It also have beautiful pixel art and now also available on the iPhone with suprisingly good controls so new players can try it aswell.

Bio: ApGames is a Swedish developer consisting of just two people: a programmer and an artist. ApGames just released Caelum a casual pachinko game and now working on our second project.

Caelum by ApGames
Caelum by ApGames

Project: Caelum

Project Info: Caelum is a game in the same style as Peggle but not as hectic. Our aim was to create a relaxing game for everyone to enjoy.

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  • December 31, 2010 at 7:22 AM

    Games where everything explodes are always pleasant to me. ;-]

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