Act-Fancer: Cybernetick Hyper Weapon

Act-Fancer-Cybernetick Hyper Weapon

So let me start off by telling you the name alone is enough reason to at least see what it is about. In a nutshell it is a scrolling shoot em up game published by Data East in 1989. The game has a cyborg that has to fight off tons of aliens and collecting power ups in order to become stronger and survive.


Point blank, I suck at this game. Seriously, look at the video, that’s me. I am good at games or I was, but I could not get off of level one. Maybe I should not do videos on these types of games because it shows how far I have fallen.

One thing is for sure, like in R-Type the key is being as powered-up as possible at all times or you will be owned. See, that boss at the end of the video. I am sure I would have owned him with full power-ups, but as that little bug I got squashed. This is a sad state of affairs.

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J.A. Laraque

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