Split Second

Split Second cover
Split Second cover

Split Second review & strategy guide by Honorabili

One Sentence Review:
“Non-stop action makes for an exciting racing game!”

Overall Score:
9 out of 10

Overview & Gameplay:

Throw your brain out the window and enjoy the pure fun and adrenaline that Split Second will throw at you in the form of a pure arcade racer. The game gets repetitive after a while but by the time you notice, the game will be over.

The game is about a reality TV show (very similar to the remake of the movie Death Race) that consists of immortal people (or I guess people remote controlling their vehicles) racing their cars and pickups around unlikely tracks that take place in airports, junkyards, nuclear power plants, chemical plants, foundries, mines, and so on, which have all been rigged with explosives so that as you race and pull off cool moves (drafting, jumping, and drifting mainly), you build up enough energy to trigger parts of the track blowing up and taking out your rivals, in events called Powerplays.

You basically participate in races, whether traditional who gets the first place, set amount of lap races, or elimination which is like last man standing, in which every set amount of time, the last car drops from the race. There is also a race mode in which you race against the clock with no opponents and the entire track will just trigger its bombs and have the terrain collapse on you, as you basically try to race a perfect lap (without getting killed). Each time you get killed, you basically lose a position.

The other game modes consist of you passing semi-trucks which drop barrels on you to try to blow you up as much as often, with that game mode ending in a sudden death mode which happens after a certain time or when you take the 1st place position. The final different kind of game mode consists of you trying to evade a combat helicopter which randomly fires rockets at shown areas of the track ahead of you. There’s a mode where you just see how far you can survive and another mode where the more you evade it and drift, the more energy you build up and counter attack the helicopter to try to shoot it down.

The final game mode for each “episode”, for which there are 12 which complete the season (single player storyline mode), is the elite race in which you race against the best AI racers the computer has to offer and requiring you to place usually 3rd place or higher to keep moving to the next episode (set of races) available in Split Second.

Overall, there are 12 episodes in Split Second, with 6 races offered in each, 4 that are always available, one bonus race (which unlocks if you meet its requirements; usually killing a certain amount of rivals), and the elite race which unlocks after you have enough credits (money) from placing good enough in previous races (it’s a total number, so you can go back and replay previous episode races if you’re lacking in performance).

There are no upgrades for vehicles and the game is rather short. After races, you get a certain amount of credits which the game automatically counts towards unlocking the next vehicle. You don’t get to pick. The only thing you get to pick is what episode you want to complete in next after the current episode is over.

The game offers the single player campaign (season play), quick play (which you get by unlocking tracks and game modes in season play), online multiplayer play, LAN play, and split screen hotseat play.

Split Second is available on PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, iPhone OS, and on Java ME platforms.

Fun Factor & Replayability:

The game is pure FUN. This game goes to the core of classic video games where the storyline might not be the greatest but you can pick up and put the game down very quickly and the game is FUN enough that you will want to keep playing, even though the races are short enough that you can literally play the game for 3 minutes at a time and go do something else if you need to. In my busy life, this appeals to me.

The fact that the speed scaling of the game is realistically done, although the game itself is not realistic reminds me of really going dangerously fast in a real car. Let’s see… pure speed and big explosions mixed together? That’s a winning combination!

I just beat the game but I am going to play it all over again right now and I’m certain that it will be fun yet again.

Fun Factor gets a score of 10 out of 10 and Replayability gets a score of 9 out of 10 from me.

Difficulty & Difficulty Versatility:

Unfortunately, I found the game rather short and easy, which I guess is one of the only real long term downsides of this game. I think they will probably update the game with DLC, which might add more life to it but other than that, as far as difficulty, I never got frustrated even once in the game as the death penalty is not really severe. Even if I failed a race, I didn’t find it annoying to redo it as the game was too fun.

Difficulty gets a score of 3 out of 10 and since I didn’t see a way to alter the difficulty, the Difficulty Versatility gets a score of 3 out of 10 as every level other is equally easy than the elite races.


You can pick up Split Second, every version here in gogamer. At this time the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are $49.90, which are too high for me, but the PC version is $38.90, which is still too high for me.

Console pricing I give a score of 3 out of 10 because console games unless old games are ALWAYS too expensive, and the PC version I give a 4 out of 10 because the game is too short for that price tag.


Sounds for the explosions are really well done, as well as the wind of flying through different kinds of buildings and their environments. Some of the engine sounds didn’t sound realistic for some of the vehicles. Sometimes a vehicle like a pickup truck that would have had something like a V8-V12 gas or diesel engine in real life sounded more like an inline 4 engine with a fart-can muffler. One of the cars (the one that looks like a Lamborghini Murcielago) sounded more like a car with a turbocharged inline 6 engine rather than a naturally aspired V12.

The Sounds get a score of 8 out of 10.


The music is all tense energetic music which keeps you focused on the action and the style of the game.

It goes along really great with the speed, action, and explosions Split Second gives us. Music gets a score of 10 out of 10.


The game crashed for me only when I decided to ALT-TAB it. It let me do whatever I wanted in the desktop and once I ALT-TABbed back to the game my computer rebooted itself instantly. Since that’s the only situation in which that happens, I give Stability/Reliability a score of 8 out of 10. Just don’t multitask and you’ll be fine.


The controls are very simple and since the game is an arcade racer, the game doesn’t need anything else. For the PC version, the arrow keys control your car. Forward/up make you accelerate, left/right are obvious, back/down makes you brake and can trigger drifts. Right-CTRL triggers your typical level 1 attacks (Powerplays). Right shift triggers your level 2 super-attacks (the ones that change the route of the race).

Since the Controls are so simple yet effective I give controls a score of 10 out of 10.

Graphics & Performance:

Even in DirectX 9, the game looks completely amazing. The game makes the best use I’ve seen of the Havoc engine. Even on my 3 year old gaming PC the game ran completely flawless, not even slowing down when somebody was copying data from my hard drive at the same time. Graphics get a score of 10 out of 10 and Performance also gets a score of 10 out of 10. Really, really good job Black Rock Studio! Kudos!

Strategy Guide:

I usually go for cars that have everything into acceleration or into top speed. Don’t worry too much about strength (hit points) as that will usually indicate a heavy vehicle (with terrible acceleration).

Pickup trucks are surprisingly powerful in the game not only because they take a ridiculous amount of damage but because for some reason (which is unrealistic) they have a super-high top speed. They have terrible acceleration so try not to slow down as much as possible. Simply taking advantage of that and not slowing down along with their stable 4 wheel drive will make you have an average top speed than your rivals, often letting you win most races.

Like in all racing games, memorize the tracks. Know where the booby trap areas are and avoid them if you want to be on the safe side. Blowing up and losing 1-2 seconds will cost you a couple of positions usually. Stay as close to ahead of the pack and don’t blow all your Powerplay energy necessarily because you have it. Time it so that you can use it to secure your 1st place position near the end of the race.

For the helicopter missions pick always the cars that have the most control for your playstyle and you can just ignore the missiles easily. For the truck barrel missions simply pick any car that his insane acceleration and even more so super-high top speed.

Conclusion & My History With This Game:

At times, the game reminded me of Speed Busters: American Highways from 1998, in the sense that you can sometimes in that game use the track to take out your opponents. Other times, considering how quickly the computer cars caught up to me, it made me think they were just simply teleporting behind me sort of like the AI cars did in Megarace 1 and 2.

As far as I go since this game game out at nearly the same time as Blur, I’m going to be checking that game out soon to see which one is the superior game. So far this is keeping me entertained.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Onslaught

Battlefield Bad Company 2 tank
Battlefield Bad Company 2 tank

If you’ve experienced BBC2 you already know the fun you can have gunning down the enemy in lush fully destructible environments. Now with the Onslaught download content patch you get four all new multiplayer maps.

The 4-man cooperative mode includes the maps: Nelson Bay, Attacam Desert, Valparaiso and Isla Innocentes. It is currently available for download on the Xbox 360 via XBL and the Playstation 3 via PSN. Bjorn Johnsson from DICE spoke to IncGamers explaining the difference in the new maps and Coop play:

“Basically they are the same maps but we have enhanced them in many different ways,” he said.

“We have different effects like the sandstorm in Attacama Desert, you play one of the night maps in daytime and one of the daytime maps in night mode, basically.”

“Also we added a load of other weather effects and different lighting,” he added.

“We have tweaked it quite a bit to make it feel different.”

As for the question of when it will come to PC;

“The problem we have on PC is that all our servers are dedicated with providers. Changing a server from Conquest 32 players to Onslaught 4 players cuts out 28 player slots from the total ammount available. This could have a dramatic affect on the PC online environment if enough servers changed to Onslaught,” DICE associate producer Barrie Tingle explained.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 -The Good Life

Test Drive Unlimited 2 logo
Test Drive Unlimited 2 logo

What goes together better than sweet cars and cool music? Well perhaps hot babes but I digress. Our latest trailer from Atari’s, Test Drive Unlimited two features multiple in game shots of the environments and of course the cars to the song Ghetto Burnin by Phonat.

TDU2 is currently in beta and looking for testers so head on over to their Beta Page and sign up.

Medal of Honor Leave A Message

Medal of Honor cover
Medal of Honor cover

EA shows that their new modern war shooter may be a game, but war itself is hell. In this teaser trailer we get a glimpse of Medal of Honor’s latest military project that will be released on the PS3, 360 and PC on October 12, 2010.

The trailer is a tribute to Steven Spielberg who created the Medal of Honor franchise. If the trailer has a familiar feel to it that is because it was designed that way.

“The best way we knew how to do this, was to recreate the Omaha Beach landing with Jimmy Patterson [from Medal of Honor: Frontline,” Greg Goodrich executive producer said. “Except now, instead of arriving on the shores of occupied France in the hull of a Higgins boat, our Ranger would arrive in the Shahi-Kot Valley, in Afghanistan’s Paktia province, in the modern day equivalent, the CH-47 Chinook helicopter. Basically, Normandy in the desert.”

The trailer shows in-game footage taken from the first Ranger mission of the game and through it has been edited slightly for the trailer it looks incredible. The game is meant to have a more mature, serious feel than just a standard military shooter. We’ve seen the effects of adding drama to war shooters and I can’t wait to see what MOH does.

No word yet on a beta besides it is coming “soon” when it does we will let you know how to get in.


I could have been lazy and copied Honorabili’s post since the list is pretty much the same but my high work ethic wouldn’t allow me to do that. However, I am willing to take this month’s breakdown of new releases in a different direction so bare with me.

Alpha Protocol – June 1st

Alpha Protocol Xbox box cover
Alpha Protocol Xbox box cover

You know this game is going to be good because of the silhouette of the man holding the gun. Not only is showing an image like this the true sign of a winner, but it’s sexy too. Check out the subliminal message of the lady holding the gun near his crotch. The question is who will fire first.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands – June 8th

Prince of Persia box
Prince of Persia box

Jake Gyllenhall is movie gold, no really he is. Alright fine, this is about the game which has 25% more sand and more time travel than a Lost episode. If you’ve played any of the modern POP games you know there will be incredible jumps, cool combat and interesting puzzles and ladies I hear you can unlock shirtless pictures of Jake.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior – June 8th

Sniper box
Sniper box

Everyone hates a sniper, so much so that many end up on Oprah wanting nothing more than a hug. Step into the shoes of this misunderstood soul as you pick people off in South America. See people believe its all “Boom head shot!”, but it’s more than that. You have to spend time (too much time) searching for that perfect spot to make your kill, but once you do it’s on. Again look at that box, this guy is deep.

Naval Assault: The Killing Tide – June 15th

Naval Assault Xbox box cover
Naval Assault Xbox box cover

The killing tide is the type of title that lets you know there will be tides. Hop inside your WWII submarine with a load of seamen and blast away. This game looks like it could be fun if you like old navel sea battles through honestly some of the water effects look kind of strange. With Naval Assault you’ll find yourself in many battles across the North Atlantic so run low and silent commander.

Transformers: War for Cybertron – June 22nd

Transformers box cover
Transformers box cover

Go back to a time when Optimus Prime was just another robot fighting for his homeland, a time before ebonic robots and Shia LaBeouf. Unfortunately it is also a time before Megan Fox, but you have the internet for that. War for Cybertron takes a step away from the movies back to when the war was brewing up and the battle lines were drawn. In the single player campaign you play both an Autobot and Decepticon story where you see each side recruit their forces and engage in skirmishes. You know what happens in the end, but like the movie Valkyrie you’ll still be interested in experiencing it right?

Singularity – June 29th

Singularity box cover
Singularity box cover

So you have a time reversing device that can do things like restore an old box of ammo to the time when it was new and full of bullets and yet when you use it on an enemy it turns to dust? Okay, I get it, if they turned to babies or even before that there would a lawsuits and Tea Party members raising kain. Overall the idea is pretty cool, traveling back to the 50’s and using time as a weapon looks like a winner. I wonder if you can target specific body parts and restore it?

Arma 2 box cover
Arma 2 box cover

It’s not Modern Warfare or Bad Company.

Games Coming Out June 2010 for PC

Alpha Protocol
Alpha Protocol

Games Coming Out June 2010 for PC by Honorabili

May was pretty weak when it came to game releases. June looks like a much better month.

Alpha Protocol the Espionage RPG, June 1

Typical Tom Clancy style of storyline game but let’s see how they pull off mixing a stealth game with an RPG. So long as my guy can still be seen when standing in front of the enemies it won’t be ruined.

The Sims 3 Ambitions Expansion Pack, June 1

Expansion pack for Sims 3 which adds jobs including Firefighter, Fashionista, Infamous Inventor, Defiant Detective, Shameless Scultor, Doctor, Ghost Hunter, and more.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, June 8

It’s obvious that this game will come out, considering the live-action movie for Prince of Persia is also coming out around this time.

Transformers: War For Cybertron, June 22

This looks like a really well made mod for Unreal Tournament 3 based on Transformers. If you can handle fast FPSs it would probably be worth checking out.

Darksiders, June 24

This looks like a God of War clone based on you taking on the role of War from the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior, June 24

Looks like it could be fun if you like blowing people’s heads off with a rifle some distance away. Just always concerned as to how a sniper will keep running away after the mission is a success or a failure. I really enjoyed how hard it was to do in that in the campaign mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1. Let’s see if they can pull of a whole game based on that.

All Points Bulletin, June 29

Think of Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row mixed together with an online persistent world MMO with no subscription fee and that’s what this game is. We’ll see how it does. Guild Wars has done really well with that business model.

Note: This game has nothing to with APB, the 80s cop driving/shooting arcade game.

Singularity, June 29

This game looks like a mix of Bioshock with STALKER. The character seems to have godlike powers such as rewinding time and recreating matter from nothing. It could be good. STALKER is too hard and realistic for most people. If they could add the action aspect without the stupid picking up audio tapes aspect of Bioshock, this game could be a winner.

ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead, June 29

This is a standalone game expansion based on ArmA II which does not require it to play. This is an fps and action simulator game with an improved strategic aspect to the fighting over the typical killfest of other similar games (Modern Warfare, etc.).

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4, June 29

A must for fans of Harry Potter and these series of LEGO based games.

Virtual Boy (JAPAN)

Nintendo Virtual Boy System
Nintendo Virtual Boy System

Known too many in the gaming industry as the red menace the Virtual Boy or VR-32 was released to America during the summer of 1985.  The overall goal was to bring a true 3D gaming experience to the Nintendo fanbase one that could be portable and stationary. One of the first problems was the price, retailing at almost $200 at release most gamers took a pass feeling the graphics and design just wasn’t worth the cost. In a little over a year the Virtual Boy was discontinued and Nintendo tried to forget ever attempting the venture.

Many gamers just could not accept the red color and simple graphics of the Virtual Boy. In addition many gamers complained of headaches and eye strain while using the VB. However, there were some fans of the VR-32 that enjoyed some of the 14 games released in the U.S. including Wario Land, Tennis and 3D Tetris, but it just wasn’t enough to save it.

Some felt Nintendo was just overreaching. With the Game Boy being such a megahit many felt Nintendo did not make a real effort to create a new gaming system. It was felt the Virtual Boy offered almost no real advantage over the Game Boy and with the GB costing almost one hundred dollars less most were not willing to shell out more cash.

In the end the Virtual Boy only sold 770,000 units even after slashing its pricing several times. Strangely enough a small reassurance came when toy stores began selling the Virtual Boy for less than fifty dollars, but by then it was more of a collector’s item than a must have system. The VR-32 is still considered a collector’s item today and many sell for upwards of one hundred dollars on eBay.

I personally came across a Virtual Boy in the now closed Kay Bee toys several years ago. The Virtual Boy had been marked with a clearance sticker for the low price of $29.99. By then the Playstation was already out and there were a ton of better handhelds but something inside me wanted to get it so badly. I admit I thought it looked kind of cool and they were selling the games for $1.99 each so I purchased the unit and five games.

What I did not know was that there were straps for the Virtual Boy so you could wear it on your head which when I tried it just seemed strange. Even stranger was a few of my friends who also purchased Virtual Boys said theirs did not have the straps or any place where straps could fit. Either way the unit felt really heavy on the head and it would be dangerous to walk around like that so maybe I got a prototype or the strap version was discontinued.

Virtual Boy Mario’s Tennis cartridge
Virtual Boy Mario’s Tennis cartridge
Nintendo cartridges
Nintendo cartridges

Forza Motorsport 3 – Exotic Car Pack

Forza Motorsport 3 logo
Forza Motorsport 3 logo

It’s pretty simple, if you love realistic racing and a collection of cars that would make a billionaire jealous then Forza 3 is for you. Forza Motorsport 3 has released their exotic car pack as a downloadable content patch on Xbox live. For 400 Microsoft points you get ten rare boutique cars for your collection.

The “Exotic Car Pack” features 10 automobiles ready to race, paint and tune:

SSC Ultimate Aero


Weismann GT MF5

Devon GTX

Spada Codatronca TS

Spyker C8 Laviolette LM85

Mosler MT900s

Q1 Rossion

Radical SR8 LM

Gumpert Apollo

You can get a free download of the Spyker C8 Laviolette LM8 till the end of the month so head on over to the XBL marketplace to get yours today.

The Hubris – Upcoming Gigs and EP

The HubrisWell, we really have been as busy as the proverbial woodchucks in the mixedly metaphorical wood pile over the last few months. We have spat and sworn at people all over Northern Ireland, from providing backing music to teenage lovefests in Warrenpoint, to saving the world as we know it at a fundraiser in Ballymena, to coming third in a BOTB heat at The Empire which is so god damn mediocre I fell asleep about three times whilst typing it. Ho hum.

Most importantly, we have been spending our hard earned credit card balances at a www.einsteinstudios.tv – recording a 6 track EP which we have decided to call “Attitude”. The EP is available electronically from Bandcamp, you can hear each track streaming in full, or purchase each track, or the whole EP, for a miniscule amount of money. Please give it a listen if you are currently enjoying a surfeit of both time and inclination.


Thanks to Frankie for doing a great job. You the man, man!

OK, gigs. Upcoming gigs. We have some, but not as many as usual as we have been focussed on this recording. However, read on…

Wednesday 19th May – Ma Nelsons, Lisburn Road, Belfast (used to be Hunter’s, or something) – supported by Red Returned and Are We Supposed To Look This Good? This is FREE ENTRY and there are loads of offers on drinks. I know it’s a school night, but it’s not going to cost you much to get out and have fun, so come and have a go. Imagine the one thing I could say that would convince you to come to the show. You got that in your head? Now, imagine I just said it. How about that, eh? Magic. This is one of the Afrofury Secret Gigs, thanks Scott.

Friday 4th June – Shadow Rooms, Carrickfergus – with Ruby’s Masquerade and the acclaimed Axis Of. Thanks to Mark for asking us back for the 3rd time! We must not be too shitty after all! This is an utterly fabulous venue, if you’ve not been along yet then shame on you!

Saturday 19th June – Lavery’s Bunker, Belfast – again with Ruby’s Masquerade, but also appearing are Spine and The Couth. This will be an early one, as the nightclub starts at 10pm. That’s a Cryptic Promotions gig, so thanks to Chris Vito for this one.

Friday 20th August – The Rosetta Bar, Belfast – This is a good long way off. Perfect chance for those of you in England who haven’t seen us yet to book your flights over. Not sure who we’re playing with yet, but it’s gonna be H.A.F.

OK, so. Only 4 on the agenda at the moment but we’re back on full lookout, any of you promoters on this list fancy some melodic punk perfection? Well, sorry, you’ll just have to settle for us.

Hopefully we’ll see you at a gig in Belfast, or beyond, very soon.

BioShock 2 – Kill ’em Kindly

Bioshock 2 title
Bioshock 2 title


Everyone loves new content and in BioShock 2 everyone loves violence. For fans of the series and general head bashing the downloadable content titled Kill ’em Kindly is for you.

KEK, (Gotta love that for you World of Warcraft fans) is a free DLC being released on XBL and PSN. The new content opens up a deathmatch multiplayer feature that allows you to only use the golf club as a weapon and as you can see in the video it is totally awesome.

The only thing better than getting new content that allows you to crack open skulls with a club is getting it for free. The DLC is available now so head on over to your consoles download section and get this today!

Atari’s Pac-Man

Atari Pacman box art
Atari Pacman box art

On May 22, 1980 Pac-Man was released in the arcades of Japan where surprising enough it did not garner a warm reception. At the time more action oriented shooters such as Space Invaders were the games of choice, but when the game made its way to the states it became a monster hit and a worldwide icon.

Created by Namco the original title was Puck Man, however, the name was changed because it was felt ill-mannered children (and adults) would change the “P” to an “F” and we all know what that spells. In addition the artwork and cabinet design was changed to fit a style that could be sold to the masses.

Pac-Man’s success came from the fact that it was different than a shooter. It appealed not only to a wide age group, but made the jump to female gamers, something even the great Space Invaders could not do. Though the challenge of eating all the dots on a small maze seemed simple enough most players never made it past level 20. In fact there are 255 levels in the game and only a few have seen the 256th kill screen.

Pac-Man was ported to pretty much every computer and console system of the time and many copies, unauthorized squeals and bootlegs have been made for it. Pac-Man also made its way into merchandising, food and even its own cartoon. Pac-Man is truly one of the most famous video games on the planet.

The story of the Atari 2600 port of Pac-Man was that it was developed by Todd Frye and released in 1982. The game sold over 7 million copies though over 12 million were manufactured. The port was criticized for not staying true to the arcade from the graphics to even the sound of Pac-Man munching away on dots. Critics and fans alike felt the game was rushed and poorly developed with many asking for refunds for their purchase. In the end Atari took a huge financial hit on Pac-Man second only to the disastrous E.T. Many believe this failure coupled with E.T.’s lead to the downfall of Atari and the video game crash of 1983.

GOG sale: Gabriel Knight games

Gabriel Knight cover
Gabriel Knight cover

GOG sale: Gabriel Knight games

Good Old Games this weekend is offering the first three Gabriel Knight adventure games on sale at a massive discount.

You basically get Gabriel Knight: Sins of Our Father, Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within, and Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned.

You will enjoy the games if you like puzzles, mysteries, and the occult.

Click here to go to the sale.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

Assassins Creed Brotherhood
Assassins Creed Brotherhood

Coming this fall for the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 is the third installment in the Assassin’s Creed story.  Ezio is back, a legendary master assassin he continues his fight against the templar order and leads his own brotherhood of assassins to conquer the enemies of Rome. This time Ubisoft has added multiplayer elements to the game which will bring a new dynamic to the series.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

Published by: Ubisoft

Developed by: Ubisoft Montreal

Genre: Action

Release Date:

US: Q4 2010

RP-M+ for Rating Pending

Also Available On: PC, Xbox 360

The Saboteur

The Saboteur cover art
The Saboteur cover art

The Saboteur review by Honorabili

One Sentence Review:
“Grand Theft Auto + Assassin’s Creed + Mafia + Inglourious Basterds + The Train”

Overall Score:
7 out of 10

Overview & Gameplay:

The Saboteur is about an Irish mechanic and race car driver, Sean Devlin, that gets caught in a tale of revenge on the eve of World War II. Shortly after the game starts, you see the events leading to his blood-lusted revenge. Sean Devlin competes in the German Grand Prix but his German rival, Kurt Dierker, shoots out the rear tire of his race car, making him lose the race. As a result of that, Sean steals Dierker’s car and drives it off a cliff but then he and his best friend Jules get caught and tortured by the Germans, thinking that they were British spies. When the torture fails, Dierker empties out a Luger pistol into Jules and Sean then escapes vowing revenge on Dierker.

The game consists of Sean joining and helping the French Resistance in now occupied Paris. The game plays out a lot like Grand Theft Auto and Mafia with stealth and assassination aspects borrowed heavily from Assassin’s Creed. The atmosphere of the game is a lot like Quentin Tarentino’s Inglourious Basterds. Basically, you steal a ton of cars, run away from the Nazis, blow a lot of shit up, shoot a lot of people, hide, and do it again and again. The game also borrows even more from Frankenheimer’s classic movie The Train.

There are main story missions and side-missions. When you complete a key objective, such as blowing up a special Nazi weapon or killing a key Nazi, that specific section of the city gets liberated from the Nazi oppression. The advantage of doing that is that it makes it easier for you to escape the Nazis when they are after you. Without spoiling the storyline, unless the game is too hard for you, you can just ignore those side-missions but completing them can sometimes liberate a part of the city, making it easier to escape the Nazis.

A really interesting way in which they made this game is that what you see will be either in black and white or in color based on whether the Nazis control that area of the city or not. The more you liberate an area, the more color it gets back. The more color it has, the more the Parisians support The Cause and the more they will help you escape the Nazis. The black and white style with a few colors is reminiscent of Schindler’s List and Sin City.

The game has nice adult humor. Nudity is optional (I always turn it on… wait, that’s a pun). The game does possess a certain kind of realism in the sense that Sean can only carry 2 guns, along with a reasonable amount of explosives. How he hides them, I don’t know or can explain though!

There are hidden mini-games but they are completely pointless.

The money in the game takes form of “contraband” which you get by either finding supply crates and kicking them or simply from the salvage the underground weapons dealers get from your sabotage operations.

The Saboteur is available for PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3.

Fun Factor & Replayability:

It’s always great fun to drive fast and to blow stuff up. This game has both those things, which I find appealing in an action video game. Although I just beat it, I feel like playing it again in the max difficulty immediately. I’ll give Fun Factor a score of 8 out of 10. Check back on this article in a few days for how replayable it was after I beat it again on the max difficulty.

Difficulty & Difficulty Versatility:

On the Standard difficulty, I found the game easy. The main character regenerates damage quickly after getting injured, making the game a cakewalk in that setting. The cars all drive pretty realistically (shitty brakes) but they have a million hitpoints, taking enough hits like a tank again. I will update this part of the article after I destroy the game on the max difficulty setting.


This game is not that new anymore and it’s hard to get. However, my friends at Stardock/Impulse have it for $29.99 at this link. At that price I give it a Value score of 7 out of 10, simply because I found this game enjoyable and it’s not that bad of a price.

For consoles though, the game is much more expensive. At gogamer they sell the PS3 and XBox 360 versions for about $52.90 which is way too steep for me for a game one can beat in a day or two of hardcore playing.


The voice actors are well chosen, especially the ones for the sexy girls and for Sean Devlin as well as his allies. The voices however sometimes talk too fast, in the sense that people react like reading a script much too quickly unlike a real world conversation. Sometimes the sound for a car’s engine is missing if you get in it too fast or you accelerate too fast and it doesn’t yet buffer the other sound file. Sound gets a score of 7 out of 10 for that.


The music of this game goes along great along with the style of the game.

Enjoy my favorite track from the game, Nina Simone – Feeling Good:

The music gets a score of 10 out of 10. It just blends perfectly with the year the game takes place in. Instead of picking boring music from that time, each track is passionate and moving and it goes along great with the intense action of the game. Sometimes it makes me feel as though it’s the soundtrack to a James Bond movie, and that’s a good thing! It’s such a nice soundtrack that I got the soundtrack for this great game. 😀


The game never crashed for me. The game is ALT-TABbable but… make sure you have at least one other program running BEFORE launching the game or it won’t simply let you ALT-TAB to the desktop. It won’t respond to CTRL-SHIFT-ESC either, so make sure you run another program if you need to multitask while playing. Other than that tiny bug, game runs like a champ. Stability/Reliability get a score of 9 out of 10.


The controls are rather straightforward, much like the GTA games and they are quick to pick up. You climb and descend easily, with the character auto-orienting himself towards a hand-hold. You have to tell him to let go in order to descend. Climbable surfaces will have a white color overlay showing you where you can go to next. Overall, I had no problem with the controls except when sometimes Sean would put a bomb down on the floor for no reason because he was a pixel off from the perfect bomb placement. Controls get a score of 9 out of 10.

Graphics & Performance:

There were very few parts of the game where the game slowed down even on my 3 year old gaming PC. The game looks beautiful and considering the color schemes, I will remember the beautiful renderings of Paris. Performance gets a score of 8 out of 10. Graphics get a score of 9 out of 10.

My History With This Game & Conclusion:

My friend James recommended that I check this game out. We usually have similar tastes in fun games so I gave it a go. It’s my kind of action game and it’s immersive, a great combination, although it does borrow a lot from games that came before it. It doesn’t necessarily innovate but it has it’s own style, especially with the discoloration/coloration based on the Nazi control of areas. That style and atmosphere, to me, are certainly worth checking out.

If you enjoy the GTA games, as well as Mafia, Gun, the Assassin’s Creed games, as a gamer you should play this game too.

A sequel is possible for the game based on the story but… the studio that made it Pandemic Studios got axed after this game came out, so we will probably not see one in the future.

Ghouls N Ghosts

Ghouls N Ghosts splash screen
Ghouls N Ghosts splash screen

Ah, the game that made me break one of my many Sega Genesis’s. Ghouls ‘n Ghosts was released to the arcades in the spring of 1988. Maybe by Capcom, it was the popular sequel to the 1985 arcade smash Ghosts ‘n Goblins.

In Ghouls ‘n Ghosts the heroic knight Arthur must once again faceoff against the demonic hordes of Loki. After an attack on his kingdom Arthur’s lover, the lovely Princess Prin Prin, is killed along with many innocent civilians. To avenge the death of his love and restore her soul and the souls of the others Arthur will have to take down the big man Loki himself.

Ghouls ‘n Ghosts plays pretty much like Ghosts ‘n Goblins it is a platform run and gun type of gameplay meaning you have to always be on your toes firing away at the enemy and  avoiding traps and pitfalls. Luckily this time around Arthur can fire upwards and while jumping fire downwards which is a must in this game. In addition Arthur has an array of weapons at his disposal including a mega axe, a golden sword and even golden power armor.

Ghouls N Ghosts screenshot
Ghouls N Ghosts screenshot

When Arthur jumps in certain spots on the map a treasure chest will pop out of the ground. If Arthur destroys the chest he can find two things. First is an evil magician who turns him into a duck. As the duckyou are pretty much undead chow because you have no armor or weapons. The best thing to do is avoid any enemies until the effect wears off.

The second thing that can appear from the chest is Arthur’s golden armor. The golden armor allows any weapon Arthur currently has to gain a charged power up move that unleashes a special attack. Sadly, the golden armor works just like the normal silver armor where as if Arthur is hit it will break apart leaving him pretty much naked.

Once you work your way through five levels you discover you need a special weapon in order to defeat Loki. This restarts the game and you must fight your way through the same five levels and back to Loki’s chamber.

The game is extremely fun to play, but it can be very unforgiving at first, but once you learn your jumps, attacks and timing you can make it through the game without too much trouble. I can say this now, but when I first played it I had an awfully hard time and ended up punching my poor Genesis to death.

Ghouls ‘n Ghosts had some great music composed by Tamayo Kawamoto. The bosses were well designed along with the levels making sure your twitch level was high. In addition to great arcade success GnG was ported to several systems including the Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, CP System, Commodore 64, X68000, Sega Saturn, PlayStation, SuperGrafx, Sega Master System, Mega Drive/Genesis, Virtual Console, ZX Spectrum.

Justin Melendez: Lanslide PCs

LanSlide Gaming PCs logo

Name: Justin Melendez

Profession: I am one of the co-founders of LanSlide Gaming PCs. I wear a lot of different hats around the company. Primarily, I am responsible for business development, product management and setting our overall direction.

Company: LanSlide Gaming PCs

Favorite Classic Game: Starcraft, without a doubt.

Quote: It’s timeless and perfectly balanced. I still get together every Wednesday night and play with a group of friends. You have to hand it to a game that is still going strong 11 years after its release date.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light logo
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light logo

We all knew sooner or later Lara would settle down and find herself a nice man, in Guardian of the Light she found the man, but doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. Taking a different direction this time around Lara teams up with the Mayan warrior, Totec as they shoot, jump and swing their way to relic treasure.

In GOL we switch to an isometric camera angle giving you a top down perspective. Here teamwork is key in fact this game was made for co-op be in via two players in your home or online. You will need to work together to solve puzzles and fight against spiders, natives and even a T-rex.

The Trailer Theater – Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

The game is set for a summer release on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC for $15.

Sega Game Gear

Sega Game Gear
Sega Game Gear

You would think that the Game Gear being a portable version of the Sega Master System it would have easily beat the Nintendo Game Boy in sales. Even with a lower resolution screen than the Master System could put out the Game Gear offered a colored screen compared to the Game Boys monochrome color and also featured stereo sound. The Game Gear also offered almost 400 titles including fan favorites like Sonic, Eco the Dolphin and the puzzle hit Columns.

One of the major problems was the battery life. The Game Gear only offered five hours of playtime using a whopping six AA batteries. In addition the Game Gear cost significantly more than the Game Boy retailing for around $149.99.

Marketing seemed to play a key in the lack of success of the Sega Game Gear. Although the handheld system was a success overall it never gained to market share and popularity that the Game Boy did. Even with innovated commercials taking shots at the Game Boy the American public picked its favorite and the clear winner was the Game Boy.

Obscure Gamer – the E is for Evil

Electronic Arts is in the headlines again, for its new Online Pass system. Many of its new sports titles will require a registration code for online play. This code will be included with new retail copies of the game, or can be purchased for a fee (set at $10 initially, under their Project Ten Dollar initiative). So, is this really as evil as some gamers and commentators are portraying it?

The first sin that many see the Online Pass committing is reducing the value of used games. The publishers and developers argue that this takes revenue away from them, the consumer complains that new games are too expensive. There are also those that see the shops that stock secondhand games as being evil in and of themselves. We are lucky to be able to find such bargains on the shelf, and it is important for the industry to have a presence on the high street and in the malls. Plus the majority of that money then comes back into the industry – people trade in old games towards the purchase of a new game or console, after all. And even if you do pick up a secondhand game that requires an Online Pass, you can still buy one. This sin is absolved.

The second sin is that this is a restriction, and that paying extra for online play in this way is wrong. How many times have you heard people complain about server problems, or servers for a game being taken down? Just going back to 2009, the launch of Battlefield 1943 was hampered by the huge numbers of people downloading and playing – so much that EA and Dice had to add extra servers. With more revenue direct to them, EA can afford to have larger server capacity and keep the servers for games online for longer. To use an analogy, we’ve been lucky to get access to the playing fields for so long without paying for their upkeep. And so this is one sin they can atone for with their future behaviour.

The final sin is that this is a punishment for players. The Online Pass will give you extra features, just like DLC. As long as it does not unbalance the game then there is no harm done here. After all, other publishers are running similar schemes; pre-ordering Red Dead Redemption from various online sources will give varying bonuses. EA should say six Hail Marys and ensure any content is a genuine extra, not just unlocking something on the disc.

Perhaps there is something inherent in the gamer that wants there to be a villain. EA has been a part of the industry for many years, and was founded with the intention of celebrating the creative people behind its games. Early games came with designers’ notes and fancy gatefold packaging, the programmers and designers explaining the theory behind their productions. And while not everything the company has done has been perfect – Dante’s Inferno, I’m looking at you and your portrayal of Hell – there has been innovation and many highlights along the way. The games industry needs to find a way to keep revenue coming in to fund the high cost of developing for the current (and future) generations of console. This may not be a perfect solution, but to call it evil is a gross overstatement.

Classic Gaming Beauty Pageant

Ever hear the saying; “Don’t be fooled by a pretty face”? In this case that “pretty face” can put you in intensive care quicker than a Dragon Punch. ~J.A. Laraque

Classic Gaming Beauty Pageant

We asked our fans on the official Obsolete Gamer Facebook Page which classic gaming heroine was the sexiest. We received a number of responses and now we will showcase some of them here. Let’s take a look at some of the lovely ladies of classic gaming to see if we can find a clear winner.

Beauty Pageant

Princess Toadstool

Princess Peach from Mario

With golden blond hair, big sky-blue eyes and rosy-red cheeks it’s no wonder Mario is willing to go anywhere in the galaxy to save her. As princess of Mushroom Kingdom, Peach takes her job very seriously and is even willing to battle to save her land. Her beauty and grace are unmistakable, she clearly owns the evening gown competition, but she is much more than just another pretty face. Peach is also an avid go-cart racer and excels in golf, tennis, soccer and even brawling. She is clear royalty that brings a lot to the throne.

Ms. Pac-Man

Ms Pacman arcade side

Nothing beats a full figured woman and Ms. Pac-Man carries the perfectly round look better than anyone else in history. While it is true the lovely lady spends most of her time eating she is constantly on the run which balances it out. Her strong suit is the swimsuit competition because she refuses to wear much else besides a pink  pumps, silk gloves and a lovely bow. Don’t get any ideas guys, Ms. Pac-Man is married and has a child. Honestly would you want to date someone who is constantly being pursued by ghosts?

Samus Aran

Samus Metroid

Sometimes a man wants a strong woman, someone who can handle herself in battle; someone who can kick your ass, that woman is Samus Aran. This battle beauty spends most of her time in her battle suit blasting away the badies in Metroid, but there is a softer side to ol’ Sam. When not blowing away anything in her path, Miss Aran loves to read war strategies and weapon tech manuals. She lost a few points for refusing to compete in the evening gown or swimsuit competition but her answer to what would she do if she won the pageant was clear and to the point, she said: “I’d keep doing what I’ve been doing all my life, saving the world.”


Tyris Flare Golden Axe

Originally Tyris was not part of the pageant, but when a sword-wielding, red-haired amazon asks to be included you better not say “no”. Brawn and beauty are in perfect harmony with this video vixen. In Golden Axe, Tyris battled against the horde to seek revenge on Death Adder for the murder of her parents. Now Tyris is a swimsuit model and military consultant. That’s an A+ resume.

Princess Zelda

Princess Zelda

This noble beauty believes in the more traditional role of fantasy princesses. Zelda spends most of her time either in a magically induced sleep or trapped in some dungeon waiting for a hero to save her. Being a lady of stature and prestige she refuses to show herself in anything beyond her royal gown, but we still like what we see. Zelda understands the key to being saved is looking good and patience, lots and lots of patience.

Chun Li

Chun Li Street Fighter anime

Ever hear the saying; “Don’t be fooled by a pretty face”? In this case that “pretty face” can put you in intensive care quicker than a Dragon Punch. Chun Li is a competitor be it in Street Fighting or beach volleyball, she doesn’t like to lose. Being the first lady of fighting games has put a target on her head and Ms. Li wouldn’t have it any other way. She loves to show off her silky smooth legs and powerful thighs, but that is just a trap. If you are not careful you will quickly become a victim to her lighting fast kicks. Chun has no problem using her brute force to get what she wants, she rather kick you than kiss you which is why many of the judges are voting 10.

Jill Valentine

Jill Valentine Resident Evil fan art

If you were to date this woman and Valentine’s Day came around it would be in your best interest to give her the world. I mean not only is Valentine her last name, but she kills zombies for a living. You have to love a woman with a gun who knows how to use it and with her lock picking skills you will never run out of ammo. Now some have called her the weaker link in team Resident Evil, but that is far from the truth. Her strengths lie in her versatility. Jill is proficient in many different weapons and her puzzle solving skills are top shelf. Ms. Valentine dazzled us with her numerous wardrobe changes. We asked her, “Why do you love to show off all your different types of clothing?” Her response was, “Do you have any idea what I had to do to get these clothes?”

Lara Croft

Lara Croft - Tomb Raider

When out raiding tombs and treasure hunting it is important to have the total package. Lara Croft is the total package. She has the brains to solve the most mind numbing puzzles and the athletic ability to run, jump and swing her away across the most dangerous environments. She is an expert marksman and a Rhodes Scholar and she has a pair of assets that are second to none. Ms. Croft defines pageantry competing and excelling in all categories she is the epitome of classic gaming excellence and beauty. Clearly if there is a winner amongst this fine field of females it is Lara, she would have won even if she did not give us all a share in her latest treasure find.

Final Fantasy VII Trailer

Final Fantasy 7 cover Playstation
Final Fantasy 7 cover Playstation

A blast from the past, arguably one of the best Final Fantasy games out there. Created by Square in 1997 this role-playing game brought new visuals and music to the series that American games had not seen before. With an engaging story and memorable characters it sold millions not only in Japan, but across the world.

It was much more than just the gameplay or the graphics even the music captivated fan leading to impressive sales of the soundtrack. From there the movie Advent Children was made and still today fans beg for a sequel. Like it or not FF7 redefined not only the Final Fantasy series but role-playing games itself.

CDW Nintendo Frogger Returns & Kirby Super Star

Nintendo logo in grey
Nintendo logo in grey

This week Nintendo gives its classic gaming fans two cool games to sink their teeth into. For the DSi there is Frogger Returns which takes the arcade classic and adds in new graphics and challenges. For the Virtual console comes the SNES hit Kirby Super Star where you take everyone’s favorite pink puffy hero on an adventure to stop the awful King Dedede.

Here is the official info:

Frogger Returns
Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
Price: 500 Nintendo DSi Points

Description: Frogger is coming to a Nintendo DSi system near you! Frogger Returns takes the heart-pounding challenge of arcade Frogger and moves it into the next dimension. Classic top-down 2-D game play is updated with colorful 3-D graphics, a new perspective, new levels, new enemies and game-changing power-ups to dodge and use. Four stages take the original journey of Frogger from highway to home through a new adventure. Use multiple modes to attack your top scores, race against the clock or just get Frogger to his home pad.

Kirby Super Star
Original platform: Super NES
Publisher: Nintendo
Players: 1-2
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
Price: 800 Wii Points
Description: That awful King Dedede is at it again – he’s stolen all the food in Dream Land. It’s up to Kirby™ to get it back and ultimately save Pop Star from being overtaken. In what may be the most diverse adventure yet for the round, pink hero, Kirby journeys through six main games and two minigames, finishing with the ultimate showdown in The Arena. Each game offers its own story and style of platforming action, as well as unique environments and an assortment of enemies. Swallowing an enemy allows Kirby to copy the abilities of that enemy, granting him the power to perform special attacks and giving him a new hat to don. In a strategic twist, Kirby can now give up an acquired ability and use it to turn an enemy into a helper. The helper will follow Kirby around and automatically fight as his ally or offer a second player the chance to join in the game by controlling it. There’s never a dull moment as Kirby dashes, flies and swallows enemies in his battle against King Dedede, Dyna Blade and Meta Knight.

Are we better gamers?

Pro Gamer shirt
Pro Gamer shirt

If you play MMO’s you will hear a lot of people talk about the experience of being old school. Take for instance a game like World of Warcraft, there are many players who feel if you did not play when the game was brand new you just don’t have the knowledge and experience to be one of the elite. Some go as far as to say that if you did not play an even older game, Everquest for example, then you don’t understand what it is like to play a really hardcore MMO. Since I played both I can understand that going through things in Everquest such as losing experience when you die, losing all your stuff because you could not retrieve your body and never getting to see that endgame boss because another guild was just better than you is something you most likely won’t experience in World of Wacraft.

It got me thinking about gaming in general. For those of us who grew up playing Atari 2600, Commodore 64 and the NES many of the games for those systems offered a very harsh learning curve. Take the first Ninja Gaiden, it was one of those games that could seriously raise your blood pressure. You had to perfectly time your jumps while slashing enemies that would re-spawn if you fell backwards. If you died you would start far away from where you were and you only had a limited amount of continues. Many of the games today you can continue almost exactly where you died and you can continue as many times as you like.

However, the case can be made that there were simpler patterns to games of the past and once you learned them they were just as easy. In Everquest many of the early enemies were defeated in the exact same way so once you knew the pattern it was not too hard to defeat. Today the AI offered can be tweeked to offer more of a challenge and even randomness to the encounters you face. In the end the question is are we only talking about learning a pattern that only takes time to master or are games today actually harder because there are more things to learn overall.

It could be said that if you learned jumping and moving on the fly in Super Mario Bros you could then apply that to Ninja Gaiden. If you were good at one vertical side-scrolling shooter then you could beat them all. Can the same be applied to an adventure game? If you were good at Resident Evil then would you naturally be good at Silent Hill?

Overall our experiences with games in the past be it twenty years ago or one year ago will affect how we play the next game. If your hand eye coordination is high then that alone will give you an advantage on the next new game. I can say from experience that learning to play Quake 2 with the hook and using only the rail gun made me a better player in Counter Strike so it is obvious that the more games you play the better you will become.

An x-factor could be age. If you were ten years old when playing NES games and are now in your thirties then going back and playing them might be a bit more difficult. This could be for many reasons from lowered hand eye coordination to a change in interest to that type of game. Today most gamers would not want to sit in a single room waiting to kill one monster that may not spawn and if it does may not drop the reward you want, that was how it was in Everquest. If that happened in World of Warcraft there would be a revolt. We all have changed over time and in addition new types of games have come on the scene. Women gamers and people over the age of fifty playing games are at an all time high and games have to adapt to the changing demographics.

My verdict is that because of the wide array of games available in the late eighties and early nineties that to be a true well rounded gamer took much more time and skill. There may have been your standard hack and slash games, but there were also many unique and challenging games especially on early computer systems. If you were one to try out every game you could get your hand on you quickly found out how hard some of these games really were and if you were able to beat them you were a much better gamer.

Want to test this out yourself? Load up a game like Battletoads. If there is one game that can test the frustration level of a gamer it is Battletoads. Next try and find a new game that matches that level. Honestly if you can beat Battletoads without flipping out and kicking your dog then you are pretty pro.

Arm Cannon concert FIU Yasumicon July 12 2009

Arm Cannon Logo
Arm Cannon Logo

Arm Cannon concert FIU Yasumicon July 12 2009 (filmed by Honorabili)

Last year I had the privilege of filming the concert at the FIU Yasumicon (anime convention) on July 12, 2009. Enjoy my videos of Arm Cannon performing many video game songs.

Arm Cannon 2/14 FIU Yasumicon July 12 2009 Killer Instinct

Here is their version of the theme song to Killer Instinct, the SNES fighting game.

It’s been remixed with Survivor – Eye of the Tiger.

Arm Cannon 3/14 FIU Yasumicon July 12 2009 SMB2

This is them playing one of the main songs for Super Mario Bros 2, from the NES.

Always such a funky little tune.

Arm Cannon 4/14 FIU Yasumicon July 12 2009 Rygar

Playing Rygar, from the NES.

Do you guys remember that game? I did! =P Like the Superman theme mixed in there?

Arm Cannon 5/14 FIU Yasumicon July 12 2009 Megaman X

Playing Megaman X, from the SNES.

Such great songs in all the Megaman games. They go really good when played by a rock band like Arm Cannon or Mini-Bosses.

Arm Cannon 6/14 FIU Yasumicon July 12 2009 SMW Castle

Playing Super Mario Bros. World, Castle Theme, from the SNES.

One of my favorite songs from Super Mario Bros. World 😀

Arm Cannon 7/14 FIU Yasumicon July 12 2009 Castlevania

Playing Castlevania, from the NES.

This is such an interesting version of this theme.

Arm Cannon 8/14 FIU Yasumicon July 12 2009 Metroid

Playing Metroid, from the NES.

My favorite song from Metroid. 😀

Arm Cannon 9/14 FIU Yasumicon July 12 2009 F-Zero

Playing F-Zero, from the SNES.

Like I mention in my review, I love the music of F-Zero!

Arm Cannon 10/14 FIU Yasumicon July 12 2009 Unsolved Mysteries

Although it’s not a video game, here is the theme song for the show Unsolved Mysteries.

I used to watch that show a bunch when I was a kiddo.

Arm Cannon 11/14 FIU Yasumicon July 12 2009 Megaman 2 Dr. Wiley

Playing Megaman 2, Dr. Wiley, from the NES.

This song is just meant to be played in metal. 😀

Arm Cannon 12/14 FIU Yasumicon July 12 2009 The Legend of Zelda

Playing a lot of music from The Legend of Zelda, from the NES.

Other than the Mario games, the 2nd most popular theme music for Nintendo!


Well folks, there you have it.

If you like Arm Cannon, be sure to check out their website at this link.

If you want to see other concerts or events or crazy crap I film or post, check out my personal youtube channel at this link.

Portal is Free!

Portal Logo
Portal Logo

Portal is Free!

Until May 24th, Portal is now free. The game is short and most people can beat it in a few hours, so it’s worth checking out this short classic before the free period runs out, if you don’t have it already.

Portal is available for PC and for Mac.

Click here to get the game free and play it now.

Neo Geo CD

[youtube id=”5b2VL9Il-EQ” width=”633″ height=”356″]

Neo Geo CD

If you knew anyone with a Neo Geo you most likely hated them because they were either really rich or very spoiled or both. Finding someone with the original Neo Geo was like finding someone with a fully working Optimus Prime transformer in its original die-cast metal with all its parts. We all know owning the system was expensive and because of this many of us did not own one the same happened in Japan which is why in 1994 the Neo Geo CD was released.

Neo Geo CD

Made by SNK the Neo Geo CD was to be the answer to the high cost while still providing the awesome games everyone wanted to play. Priced around $300 it will still a hefty cost at the time, but with games only costing around $50 it was much more in line with other console gaming prices.

The main problem with the Neo Geo CD was by the time it was released everyone was already playing either their Sega or Nintendo. In addition the CD was slow, at 1X the load times for games were painfully long. A bright spot for the NGC was the commercials which Americans did not get to see including this one which featured a couple fighting over who would play the game. Finally when both were able to play the woman “distracts” the man in order to beat him in the game, but honestly would you consider him a loser?

Time Pilot 84

Time Pilot box art
Time Pilot box art

Time Pilot 84

Released in 1984 by Konami, Time Pilot ’84 was the sequel to the 1982 arcade hit Time Pilot. TP84 is an over the top view four-way side scrolling shooter where you pilot your spaceship over many different time periods taking out as many bad guys as possible. Strangely enough unlike the original in TP84 you do not know what time periods you are traveling to. After taking out a certain number of enemies you will face the level boss and once you defeat it you advance to the next level.

Now your ship can only take one hit so dodging is the name of the game. The various enemies come from all sides and you only have two weapons. Your first weapon is a standard blaster that can take out most enemies, but you also have missiles that can destroy the bad guys your normal blaster cannot. While you can fire your missiles blindly if you face an enemy that requires a missile to take out a lock-on targeting window will appear over it allowing you to take it out even if it turns away from you.

This was pretty much one of those games that you either were really good at or it ate all your quarters within five minutes. Though there are a lot of different shapes and colors to the enemies you face they pretty much all do the same thing. Hand eye coordination was the key like with many games of the time if you had it you could rank up a high score like Samanth Johanik who scored an impressive 463,300 points or you could be like me who can’t even get off of the second stage.

If you want to play Time Pilot you can find it on many flash game websites.

MySpace Interview – Project1

So, who are you anyway?

I’m Project1  Antisocial, hedonistic, dysfunctional.

Describe your sound for us.

An arrangement of audible frequencies transmitted as vibration…most commonly through the air at 331 metres per second.

So you rate yourself then?

Not particularly, but Bill does. Ask him.

Who are your influences?

William Wood, I’d kill or be killed for that man. Actually that’s about it. I tend not to listen to music that often any more and when I do it’s nothing like the music I make.

Tell us one of your musical secrets.

There’s no such note as B sharp.

What’s in the future?

Space travel and inter-planetary colonisation. With any luck.

What’s your claim to fame?

My first band “Tortured Scream” was established before any of us could play instruments. We came runner up in a Kerrang artwork competition.

Musically, where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Exactly where I am now. Doing nothing but being occassionally pressured by Bill into taking some sort of action.

Myspace or Facebook?

Myspace but just for hosting music, I don’t go in for networking or publishing personal information on the internet.

My Favorite Ventrilo Harassments

The Internet and Real Life are two different things
The Internet and Real Life are two different things

My Favorite Ventrilo Harassments by Honorabili

Need a good laugh? Check out these videos to show clever pranks done on fellow & noob gamers by the Ventrilo Harassment experts!

I love a good prank as some of my favorite victims already know… Onto the videos!

Ventrilo Harassment – Tina & The WoW Nerds

The girl sounds so cute…

…but sometimes stupid at the same time. So many great lines such as “Thank God she’s gone so now I don’t have to talk in a deep voice.”

Ventrilo Harassment – Chris Hansen 2

You might not be able to control your “horny level” …

…but it is terrible sexy.

Ventrilo Harassment – Duke Nukem Style

“I’ve got balls of steel!”

The best is how the lady just complete snaps! “I don’t think your mother’s very happy about it!” The classic: “I’ll kill you OLD STYLE!”

Ventrilo Harassment – Peggy Forever

In fact, the mom comes back as a ghost to forever haunt Ventrilo Harassment victims. 😀

“Um, Ma’am! This is my vent server.”

Ventrilo Harassment – The Girl

“There’s a girl on our vent server.”

“It may be against the rules to mute a chick.”

Ventrilo Harassment – World Of Warcraft Nerd

“4 Strength, 4 Stam Leather Belt!”

“It sounds just like Joe! (angry) No, it’s not!!”

Ventrilo Harassment – World Of Warcraft Nerd 3

What this kid says kills me…

Kids say the craziest things. “Dude, my mom got me this new game.”

Ventertainment – 1337 haxz0rz

“I got this kid’s credit card info. LUL!”

“I got his IP!” “I got this kids LUL!”

Ventrilo Harassment – Your Mother

Of course, we need to have one with Arnold.

I like it when at least they play along.

Ventrilo Harassment – You Banned The Wrong Person!

Of course, it’s easy to get confused especially when being pranked by one of the experts…

Like in this one where they punished the innocent. 😀

Ventertainment – Nerds of Confusion

“That’d be fucking hot!”

I like how one of the players thought he was hearing things from drinking too much. 😀

Ventertainment – Nerd Confusion 2: Awesome Edition

Funny how nerdy people sound sometimes and to have to hear that crap over and over…

So whiny!

Ventertainment – Nerd Confusion 3: The Ring

This one is probably one of the funniest ones because they have no freaking clue as to what’s going on. They just keep having fun with it though and that makes it great!

Their explanations are epic, such as getting feedback from outer space, aliens, etc. Good fun!

Ventertainment – Mad As Hell

So great that they used the best lines from Network, which these kids have never seen…

“You’ve got to get mad!” The ending is so great!

Ventertainment – Halloween 3

The use of music and slowed down voices is great in this one!

The girl gets so scared by her own voice. Ah yes!

Ventertainment – Sticky Keys

I love how people just keep thinking stuff crashes without getting any messages and other people trying to provide shitty tech support.

“It keeps saying *DUN DUN DUN DAH*”

Ventertainment – Bubb Rubb

Love the noobs…

“The whistle goes WOO WOO!”


Well kids, that’s enough bullshit for today! Enjoy, laugh, be merry, keep gaming, and get pranked!

CDW Nintendo – Earthworm Jim

Black nintendo DSI
Black nintendo DSI

Coming to your DSi today is the classic game Earthworm Jim. This platform action shooter came to fame on the Super NES though it was released almost a year earlier for the Genesis. You play as Jim an ordinary earthworm until you come in contact with the super powerful cyber-suit that turns you into a superhero. When Jim finds out Psy-Crow’s evil plans he sets out to stop them and save the lovely Princess What’s-her-name.

Here is the official release information:

Earthworm Jim
Publisher: Gameloft
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10 and Older) — Cartoon Violence, Comic Mischief
Price: 500 Nintendo DSi Points
Description: The classic action platformer you used to play on the Super NES system is back in a remake that offers the essence and core game play of the original, plus a never-before-seen feature available exclusively on the Nintendo DSi system. Play as the grooviest earthworm in the galaxy. Run, gun, swing from hooks with your head, launch cows, bungee jump and rocket through speed levels in a dozen crazy universes. Earn bonuses with facial-expression-based challenges that track your face using the system’s built-in camera. Put on a smile, frown or make a variety of other faces to mimic Jim.

Missy is doing the Playtex Moonwalk

Out very own Missy is taking part in 2010’s Playtex Moonwalk. This is a unique event as not only do all the participants power walk a marathon (26.2 miles) or half marathon (13.1 miles) depending on which distance they have chosen, but they all wear decorated bras to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Missy is doing the full moon (26.2 miles) so give her your full support.

Links: Facebook Group and the fundraising page.

Star Trek Online Free Trial Weekend

Star Trek Online Box
Star Trek Online Box

Star Trek Online Free Trial Weekend

For those of you who used to play Star Trek Online and left it, so long as you played it before and have an account, they are allowing you to login this weekend for free to play and check out new game content.

Click here to see the information regarding the free trial.

GOG sale: Kalypso god-games

Constructor cover
Constructor cover

GOG sale: Kalypso god-games

This weekend, until Monday May 10 at noon, Good Old Games is offering all their Kalypso god-game simulators on sale.

Constructor involves you being a construction company that builds houses and rents them out to different kinds of people. You must meet their needy demands while maintaining the buildings, building more houses and properties, and keeping your enemies from building all your stuff to the ground. A very hard and fun strategy game!

The Good Old Games version includes the manual.

Click here just for Constructor.

Creatures: The Albian Years is a huge compilation of the game Creatures. Creatures involves the exploration of a world and the caring of different creatures that you manipulate.

The Good Old Games version includes Creatures, Creatures: Life Kit 1, Creatures: Life Kit 2, Creatures 2 and Creatures 2: Life Kit 1, Object Packs: C1 Christmas Pack 1, C1 Object Pack 1, C1 Object Pack 2, C1 Christmas Pack 2, C2 Object Pack 1 and C2 Object Pack 2.

Click here to go to the sale just for Creatures: The Albian Years.

Creatures: Village adds on to Creatures, adding new environments.

The Good Old Games version includes the manual and is a compilation of Creatures Adventures and Creatures Playground.

Click here to go to the sale for Creatures: Village.

Creatures: Exodus is Creatures 3 mixed with the Docking Station expansion. It’s like the previous Creatures games but with a science fiction twist to it.

The Good Old Games version includes the Creatures 3 walkthrough, manuals (66 pages), and reference cards.

The link to the sale for Creatures: Exodus is this one.

Mob Rule is supposed to the the sequel to Constructor but it’s also much, much harder. (As if Constructor wasn’t hard enough as it is.) If you need more of a challenge, check it out. (It will hurt!)

The Good Old Games version includes the manual and the in-game soundtrack.

Click here for the sale of Mob Rule only.


If you want to see the overall sale of these games and the savings tabulated, click here!

I enjoy that they sell these games cheaper on the weekends when most working people have time to play. 😀

Obscure Gamer – The Next Generation Game

With the annual E3 show less than a month away, it seems certain that there will be no announcements on the next generation of hardware. Indeed, the focus will be on upgrades and add-ons for the current generation of hardware, expanding its lifespan. But who will play the next generation game successfully?

Nintendo have traditionally only moved on to the next generation when they are ready. The NES had a long lifespan, while the Super Nintendo gradually tapered off but enjoyed some stellar late releases. Anyone who has played Yoshi’s Island will agree it is a stylish and playable sequel to one of the best games ever. The N64 struggled to arrive and then struggled against the Playstation. The Gamecube suffered most of all, considered to be in third place behind its rivals while it steadily put out a list of great games – from Resident Evil 4 to killer7 to the much maligned Super Mario Sunshine. Many pundits are predicting an HD version of the Wii before we see a new console from Nintendo, but I find it an unlikely strategy for the company. More likely is a new machine that retains some form of backward compatibility with the Wii and its motion sensing.

Sony worked out that backward compatibility was a good thing, meaning the PS1 remained relevant long after the hardware was considered obsolete. The PS2 continues to live on and has reached its 10th anniversary with third party developers continuing to support it and the slimline console continuing to sell – a lesson that games are still good to play even if they are “older”. Bold predictions of a 10-year lifespan for the PS3 seem less outlandish now. But the focus is on its version of motion control (Playstation Move, with the coloured balls and an integrated camera) and support for 3D television hoping to keep the console in living rooms for years to come.

The first generation of Microsoft’s Xbox has now officially come to an end, with support for original Xbox games on Live finally dropped. Nearing five years from the launch of the 360, the tremendous growth of online gaming over Live has been a good selling point. Where developers continue to strive to get the best out of the PS3, the 360 has hit after hit – but the physical limits of the DVD format are starting to tell (witness the video compression of Final Fantasy XIII, or the apparent content cuts facing Lost Planet 2.) Natal and its vision of motion control will certainly act as a boost for the console.

In many ways these add-ons and improvements could dramatically extend the life of the consoles behind the typical 4-5 year generation. The ability to update the firmware via Internet access has provided new features and ideas to keep things fresh, but there will inevitably be a point when improvements in technology (from faster processors to new display possibilities to new ideas on interaction) will herald the need for change. The outsider, OnLive, could shake up the whole system with its different angle on delivering games. But the race for the next generation has not started yet, and the runners will be jockeying for position at the starting tape…

Obscure Gamer: The Next Generation Game


With the annual E3 show less than a month away, it seems certain that there will be no announcements on the next generation of hardware. Indeed, the focus will be on upgrades and add-ons for the current generation of hardware, expanding its lifespan. But who will play the next generation game successfully?

Nintendo have traditionally only moved on to the next generation when they are ready. The NES had a long lifespan, while the Super Nintendo gradually tapered off but enjoyed some stellar late releases. Anyone who has played Yoshi’s Island will agree it is a stylish and playable sequel to one of the best games ever. The N64 struggled to arrive and then struggled against the Playstation. The Gamecube suffered most of all, considered to be in third place behind its rivals while it steadily put out a list of great games – from Resident Evil 4 to killer7 to the much maligned Super Mario Sunshine. Many pundits are predicting an HD version of the Wii before we see a new console from Nintendo, but I find it an unlikely strategy for the company. More likely is a new machine that retains some form of backward compatibility with the Wii and its motion sensing.

Sony worked out that backward compatibility was a good thing, meaning the PS1 remained relevant long after the hardware was considered obsolete. The PS2 continues to live on and has reached its 10th anniversary with third party developers continuing to support it and the slimline console continuing to sell – a lesson that games are still good to play even if they are “older”. Bold predictions of a 10-year lifespan for the PS3 seem less outlandish now. But the focus is on its version of motion control (Playstation Move, with the coloured balls and an integrated camera) and support for 3D television hoping to keep the console in living rooms for years to come.

The first generation of Microsoft’s Xbox has now officially come to an end, with support for original Xbox games on Live finally dropped. Nearing five years from the launch of the 360, the tremendous growth of online gaming over Live has been a good selling point. Where developers continue to strive to get the best out of the PS3, the 360 has hit after hit – but the physical limits of the DVD format are starting to tell (witness the video compression of Final Fantasy XIII, or the apparent content cuts facing Lost Planet 2.) Natal and its vision of motion control will certainly act as a boost for the console.

In many ways these add-ons and improvements could dramatically extend the life of the consoles behind the typical 4-5 year generation. The ability to update the firmware via Internet access has provided new features and ideas to keep things fresh, but there will inevitably be a point when improvements in technology (from faster processors to new display possibilities to new ideas on interaction) will herald the need for change. The outsider, OnLive, could shake up the whole system with its different angle on delivering games. But the race for the next generation has not started yet, and the runners will be jockeying for position at the starting tape…

Free Stuff – Programs by Keldon Jones

Race For The Galaxy computer version
Race For The Galaxy computer version

Free Stuff – Programs by Keldon Jones

If you visit Keldon’s website you will find many useful game related programs he wrote.

Click here to visit his site.

In this sub-site, he wrote a program that let’s you check and compare scores between you and your friends for Rock Band or Rock Band 2, using different statistical filters.

Following this link, you will find MAngband, a real-time multiplayer version of the roguelike game Angband.

If you like card games, he also wrote computer versions of some recent card games.

At this link you will find his computer, single-player version of the space expansion, domination card game Race For The Galaxy. If you don’t know the rules he includes links to read the rules at the Rio Grande Games website.

At this other link he does the same except this time with the card game Blue Moon.

At the following link he created an online dice result simulator for the game Descent.

Neat programs not just for fans for roguelike games but also for overall gamers like me that don’t just play video games but also board and card games. Enjoy and thanks to Keldon for his great programs.

Bloodthirsty Melon – Renal Failure, or Regarding Peter’s Organ

Episode one of The Peter and Struan and Derik Show, featuring Peter Van Strien as Peter and Bruce Blackfoot as Derik.

Bruce Blackfoot’s channel:http://www.youtube.com/moeith

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Snowboard Kids 2

Snowboard Kids 2 Cover
Snowboard Kids 2 Cover

Snowboard Kids 2 review by metalfighterriku

Overall score:
7.5 out of 10


Snowboard Kids 2 is a fun party racing, mario-kart-style game, with a cute story mode and tons of cool options like unlockable boards, costumes, and characters.

The storyline for SBK2 is simple: Some stupid bratty green demon kid named Damien is wrecking havoc around Snow Town, and it’s up to a bunch of snowboarding 10-year olds to stop him!

SBK2 hosts the same cast of characters as the original, such as Slash, Jam, Linda, Tommy, and Nancy, but also adds a few new characters like Wendy and Damien. Each character has different attributes: speed, trick, and all-around, giving them advantages or disadvantages in certain courses and even boss stages.

The game consists of racing through 12 crazy courses, taking snowboarding off the slopes and into jungles, houses, and even outer space! In story mode, you occasionally run into a boss stage, where you race against or battle a boss character to keep it from reaching the finish line.

There’s also a variety of cool items, power-ups and weapons to use throughout the courses. There’s fan propeller that speeds you up, and a rocket that shoots you super fast for a short period of time. Some weapons send your opponent tumbling over, like the bomb and the glove, while others can immobilize your opponent for a few seconds, like the frying pan that flatens everyone and the parachute bomb that suspends a character in midair.

In order to use weapons and items you need money to purchase them. You can get money by collecting coins that are scattered around the course or by doing tricks. There’s also an item you can use to steal money from your opponents, but can be really annoying when used against you.

The story mode let’s you walk around Snow Town, which is basically a small strip of random buildings. There’s a board shop where you can purchase new boards using the money you acquire from racing the course. There’s also a schoolhouse, where you can change your character, an internet cafe, where you can view all the characters, course, boards, and songs you’ve unlocked, and there’s even a paint shop, where you can change the design on your board.

Snowboard Kids 2 is available for N64 or its emulators.

Fun Factor:

Its super cuteness, bright colorful cute big-nosed characters, and simple cartoon-style party racing gameplay is what makes this game fun to play!


The game is simple but can be quite challenging when a massacre of items and weapons are being used against you. The boss fights in story mode can be difficult and sometimes annoying, especially when they scatter debris for you to trip over. Some characters use special boards in certain stages, making it difficult to pas them without the aid of a special board. After beating story mode, it gives you the option to play it on expert. I found the dinosaur in Crazy Jungle to be extremely difficult in normal mode, even with the dragon board, so I imagine on expert it is probably impossible.


Very high. I played this game over countless times because its a simple racing game with not much thinking to it.


8 out of 10. One of the things I love about SBK2 is the music. All of the course tracks are catchy and fun to listen to. Some of my favorites are Jingle Town, Linda’s Castle, and Turtle Island. There’s even a channel in Wendy’s Internet Cafe, in story mode, that let’s you listen to all these wonderful tracks!


7 out of 10.  For its time, SBK2 had awesome graphics. The characters were a bit polygonal but cute, smooth, and colorful. The background enviroments looked flat, but everything else was nicely done like the buildings and the water. One stage had flying fish and there was even a stage where you snowboard on a giant piano that made sounds when you jumped on it. Really cool!


The controls were very easy to understand. You start off a bit slow but then pick it up quickly. Speed characters are more difficult to maneuver than trick and all-around type characters. Doing tricks was also very easy to do, depending on which direction you have the joystick when holding down and letting go of the A-button lets you do different tricks.


If you’re into racing games like Mario-Kart and Diddy Kong Racing and aren’t really big on graphics, but love cute looking characters in cartoony environments, then you should check this game out!

The Video Game Music of Pippo Noviello

Pippo Noviello
Pippo Noviello

The Video Game Music of Pippo Noviello

Today, I have for you the great video game music played by my friend Pippo Noviello. Enjoy his great renditions!

The Ninja Warriors-Daddy Mulk played live by Pippo Noviello

Delta (Rob Hubbard), played live by Pippo Noviello

Videogame music live medley – played by Pippo Noviello

Turrican, The Wall

Cybernoid 2 Remix by Pippo Noviello

Outrun, Magical Sound Shower, played live by Pippo Noviello

Comic Bakery, jazz version by Pippo Noviello

Turrican 2 (Air Combat) Slap Bass on Korg PA80

The Last V8 (Rob Hubbard), played live on the really nice Fabian Del Priore remix, by Pippo Noviello

Outrun, Magical Sound Shower, played on top of the xbox version

Lightforce (Rob Hubbard), played by Pippo Noviello

Delta, Spanish Flamenco version by Pippo Noviello

Ninja Warriors – Daddy Mulk

Monty On The Run (Rob Hubbard)

Ninja Warriors, Daddy Mulk played on top of Zuntata’s 90’s concert by Pippo Noviello


Pippo, nice work on your versions of these classic songs! Keep up the great work!

If you enjoy Pippo’s music, please subscribe to his youtube channel!

E.T. The Video Game

Atari ET game box art
Atari ET game box art

There are far too many stories and reviews on this game to rehash, but simply put, E.T. was one of the worst games in gaming history. The game was released in December of 1982 and was highly anticipated after the success of the film, but due in part to an only six week development cycle the game was extremely unpolished, buggy and downright boring.

Now what a lot of people don’t know is that E.T. sold over 1.5 million copies and was a commercial success, at first. The problem was over 3.5 million copies were not sold and many of the copies that were sold were returned. When you add in the cost to get the rights to make the game the end result was a total financial failure. In fact many site E.T.’s failure as the event that led to the gaming crisis of 83 and the end of days for Atari.

The game consisted of you controlling E.T. in his search for three interstellar phone pieces; you had to search various screens to find them. On each screen were various pits you had to navigate into to find the phone pieces and then levitate out of. You had a health bar that would decrease as time went by and you could replenish your health by eating Reese’s Pieces left scattered across the world. If you collected enough candy Elliot would come and give you one of the phone pieces. Once you had all the phone pieces you needed to go to the spaceship call area and call your ship. The ship would land somewhere on the world and you had a time limit to find it. Once you got to the ship it would take off and the game would restart.

Atari ET game screenshot
Atari ET game screenshot

Sounds riveting does it, let me see if I have this right. So E.T.’s Metro PC phone broke when his interstellar date kicked him out of her car. E.T. landed in the pothole capital of the world and had to go ditch diving to get his phone pieces back. Somehow his life force is being drained so he needs to eat discarded candy to replenish. If he eats a lot of candy he goes into some kind of alien diabetic shock and a kid hands him a piece of the phone. Once he has his phone back together he has to find high ground because his super phone only works if within three feet of a cell tower. E.T. calls his dad who totally owns a dealership to come pick him up. However, it is his older brother B.E.T. who comes to get him and parks the ship on the other side of town making E.T. run over to him. Yeah, I don’t see why this game wasn’t a winner.

If there is one thing E.T. did help it was the people of New Mexico where their Mount Craptastic was created with the help of over 3.5 million unsold or returned copies of E.T. It is the second largest mountain of crap in the world with the largest being Mount Why-the-hell-do-you-keep-sending-me-theses created by the fine folks over at AOL.

High Score movie review

High Score movie review

In the same kind of movie category as The King of Kong, High Score shows us the struggle of a video game champion trying to topple the top score for Missile Command.

The full movie can be seen in hulu or just click play on the embedded video below:

Let’s talk about the film… (I’ll assume you watched the film or that you don’t care if I talk about a spoiler, in this review)

Overall Score: 8 out of 10

Although the movie is only about 50 minutes long, the movie is done with good taste and character and the gamer Bill Carlton is a good sport and has a great attitude when it comes to life and his gaming goals.

Bill Carlton
Bill Carlton












Bill is a world champion at Asteroids as well as Missile Command. The movie is about his fight to try to beat the Missile Command machine as he stays up for many hours and days trying to reach and beat the top score of 80 million. The problem is that the machine that Bill bought kept crashing, resetting, or overheating and as soon as that happened, it was game over.

If you have seen The King of Kong or you know about Twin Galaxies you will understand how he videotapes every hour of gameplay to try to submit for an authentic world record. If you don’t know what Twin Galaxies is, they are the Guiness World Book of Records approved association for keeping track of all authentic records for high scores for all video games. Click here to visit the Twin Galaxies website. They are very serious about their job and in order for a score to be accepted, you must be either playing at a world tournament or you have to record yourself playing on a machine that has been authenticated as being an original, unmodified machine.

The movie brings up some good points, such as showing that in some places of the US other than drinking and drugs, video games are one of the few escapes from reality people can have. Other than that, we see a fellow gamer that does not play modern games, bringing up that his kid can wipe the floor with him on PS2 gaming, but his son is afraid to even dare challenge him in Missile Command.

Many old games, like Missile Command, take a very long amount of time in order for you get high up there as far as world class high score record breaking goes. Bill anticipated that it would take him a good 2-3 days to reach the 80 million mark. A problem though is that the machine could not take the strain of his challenge.

Bill Carlton is frustrated
Bill Carlton is frustrated












Like brought up in The King of Kong, some machines will simply have a kill screen where the game will simply crash and you will simply just keep dying, giving you a Game Over screen. Usually this is a problem of the game running out of RAM or having it’s design limit reached.

I wish the movie would have been longer and that they would have bought Bill another Missile Command machine so that he could take himself to the limit and see if he could really topple the number one score help by the now gaming-retired Victor Ali.

Bill is still in the number 10 position currently for the Twin Galaxies scoreboard, and it would be nice to see him rise in ranks. Keep it up Bill!

If you want to see what the current scoreboard looks for Missile Command, click here! Otherwise… keep on gaming!

Free Stuff – Lure of the Temptress

Lure of the Temptress
Lure of the Temptress

Free Stuff – Lure of the Temptress

If you love old point-and-click graphic adventure games then you will enjoy playing Lure of the Temptress for free from Good Old Games.

This game was like previous graphic adventure games except that the NPC characters would go about doing their own thing, even if you didn’t interact with them. That’s a very cool factor in a game, and even many games these days don’t have that.

You get the full game and the manual from this version.

Click here to download the full free game from Good Old Games.