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Tekken 2 (SNES)

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Tekken 2 (SNES)

Pirates come in crappy shapes and sizes. From the Famicom to the Nintendo 64 (Believe it or not) But there are some that just seem to good to be true. This is where Tekken 2 for the SNES comes in. Yes! You heard it! It’s Tekken for your 16-bit console. You might be getting all excited about this “gem” but it’s far from being a “gem”. The game is memorable in many ways and none of those ways are good. We are going to have a brief chat about Tekken 2 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Tekken 2 - Bootleg games - SNES - Gameplay Screenshot

The game has some 3D rendition to it but just some. It mostly plays like a Donkey Kong style graphics fighter. Even though there aren’t any Donkey Kong fighters out there, the game uses similar graphics to the game. The controls are just dead awful. They don’t respond half the time and it doesn’t help that they make the computer amazingly strong and very tough to beat. There will be times where you’ll get hit badly and your energy is almost done. The computer also tends to block at the perfect time. It’ll take a lot of practice to be able to defeat this master mind but I’m sure the options can offer you a better chance at victory.

Tekken 2 - Bootleg games - SNES - Gameplay Screenshot


With the nightmarish controls put aside, I can tell you that the music is no better. Believe it or not, they use a Mega Man X music at the title screen which gives me the impression that the creators of this pirate also created Pokemon Stadium for the SNES as well. The music just lacks the Capcom tough which would have been a good idea to leave but it would have felt left out either way. I guess that was easier than porting the Tekken soundtrack but then again there wasn’t a soundtrack to being with.

Tekken 2 - Bootleg games - SNES - Gameplay Screenshot

To conclude, this game is something to pick up and play but then throw away. There is a very small chance that you’ll run into this game here in the States but we on the look out for it in such countries as Mexico, Argentina, and Peru. Even Brazil has some interesting pirates to this day and Master System games you never heard of. Yes, the world of piracy is still going strong especially thanks to us retro gamers. Don’t even get me started on China….till next week.

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  • Yeah, fighting games in the 16-bit era were pretty awful. That’s why everybody was so blown away by Street Fighter II!

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