The Obsolete Gamer Show 4

J.A. Laraque and Ignacio/honorabili from Obsolete Gamer

This week the production value on OGS has gone up 100%. The boys of classic video gaming are back with a brand new podcast featuring an interview with Origin PC co-founder Hector Penton.

We started out the show looking back at a clip from the previous week then dove right in to the OGS question of the week which was, “When was the golden age of video gaming.” We weighed in with our own thoughts and briefly discussed the great video game crash of the eighties with our producer Joe Cassara.

Our Gamer profile of the week was from Michael Jorgensen of Zombie studios and his take on XCOM UFO defense and how it was far from the easy mode of many of today’s games. From there we moved onto a developing story within a story.

During Obsolete Gamers gaming profile of Alienware co-founder Alex Aguila he talked about a Tecmo Bowl challenge between himself and current Alienware president Arthur Lewis. After playing the clips it was clear the rematch has not yet taken place and we hope to make that happen soon.

Our first interview was with fan, writer and long time gamer Paul Hernandez. We talked with Paul about StarCraft II and fact that Acti-Blizzard does not allow LAN play for its game and discussed the worth of the collector’s edition.

In our main interview we talked with Origin PC co-founder Hector Penton on his days at Alienware and starting Origin PC. From there the topic turned to gaming where we asked what game he would play if he was sent to hell and could only pick one. All in all it was a great interview with a lot of laughs and some good information to boot.

We will be back next week with an all new show, until then let us know what you think.

Michael Jorgensen: Zombie Studios

Zombie Studios logo
Zombie Studios logo

Name: Michael Jorgensen

Company: Zombie Studios

Profession: QA Lead / QA Tester

Favorite Classic Game: XCOM: UFO Defense

Quote: Lasers, Aliens, Explosions, Jets, Strategy, Tactics, Statistics, Research, everything a budding geek loves.

In a world, filled with “easy-mode” games, where the player is rewarded for every action, XCOM is the counter. Even the EASY mode for XCOM would make Patton or McArthur sweat. Time is almost always working against you. You are constantly fighting, scrambling to get things done, hurrying to unlock secrets, acquire more & better weapons, acquire more & better personnel, build more bases, etc. And the consequence of failure, is the END OF THE HUMAN RACE! From the opening movie onward, you will simply be hooked. Say goodbye to your girlfriend and kids, you won’t be seeing them for a while, XCOM has sucked you in.

Relating to Game Development:

XCOM heralds back to the days, when each component of a game was made by 1 or maybe 2 individuals. You would be lucky if you had a “large” team of 20 people making the game. The programmers literally knew each line of code they had written. You would get a different feel from the different pieces of content, because they had each been given a unique artists touch. What makes this game even more impressive, was the technological masterpiece behind the coding. The game, was literally 2 separate game engines (the geoscape, and the tactical), passing data back and forth. See kids, back when the 286 and dinosaurs roamed the earth, the 640k limit really constrained games. To get around this, each engine would boot, run what the user needed, then pass off to the other engine, and do so quickly that the user never noticed. It may not sound like much, but it would be YEARS before anyone would make something so impressive.