World of Warplanes: First Game In Ki-61 Hien 6 Kills

Although some people consider the firepower in the new Japanese tier 6 Ki-61 Hien to be underwhelming, to me it’s just enough for it to be one of the best fighters at that tier. Sure, it’s not as overpowered as the Ki-88 with it’s massive cannons but it can always out turn it and on a 1-on-1 fight, it will always win.

World of Warplanes: Me P.1092, Japanese Threat, Awesome Teamwork

I was fortunate enough to have my clan mates on my side during this special event for World of Warplanes called Japanese Threat. It is basically factional warfare (Allies vs Axis) and the event gives you loot crates based on how much you contributed to the war. It lasts for 2 hours or until the amount of hit points a faction has runs out. So far it’s my favorite event ever in the game. As far as the loot crates go so far I’ve received a bunch of gold, free XP, and some high tier equipment for my planes. The potential to unlock free, fully researched planes is there.

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