Wonder Woman TV Show: WW in Action


A lot has been made about Wonder Woman’s costume in her recent pilot. Many fans did not like the lighter blue pants or the blue boots instead of her classic red. From what we see in these shots, thanks to The Daily Blam and Daily Mail, the management over at NBC were listing well and made some changes.

Adrianne Palicki: Wonder Woman Costume



So if you haven’t heard NBC has picked up the Wonder Woman plot from David E. Kelly. Originally, the networked passed on the show, but with the Comcast folks coming in and the General Electric people going out it looks as if the show might just make it to our television sets. Rebooting the series however, is going to cost a pretty penny with licensing fees and production, but with a costume already in place and a pilot in the books it looks good, not as good as Adrianne in it.


Entertainment Weekly got the scoop on the new outfit and it looks pretty good even with a few changes such as the blue boots. Personally, I am glad they kept the bracelets and incorporated the lasso. We also know that along with Palicki, Elizabeth Hurley and Cary Elwes will be joining the cast.