Classic PC Games Collection

Locus - PC Box

Well I decided to show what I have so far in my old PC game collection. I have been looking carefully and have taken my time in finding these. I just love the cover box art from the older games as they are unique in many ways (just look for yourself!). One of my favorite parts of buying these old games is reading the requirements. It’s amazing that the requirements are nothing compared to the PC games nowadays. Well, lets get started.Lets start with Locus. This is a racing game from what I have seen of in the back of the box. The game is still sealed so it would be a better idea to download the shareware online to try it out since I want to keep them like that.

Aliens ate my babysitter - PC Box
This PC game is still my favorite of all. Supposedly this is the only keen game that was released in boxed form so this makes me kinda of sad because I won’t find any other boxes as amazing as this one. The game is still sealed as well so I did the same thing I did with Locus and downloaded the shareware. The box art for this game is just amazing!!!!! AWAAA!! moving on…

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

Many of you might know this title by now….if you don’t then well go get laid or something. This game is also sealed so I would have to do the usual to play it but why would I do that anyways since I have the 3DO version of street fighter…

Off Road Racing

Another racing pc game. This one is also sealed like the other three up there. I wonder if this game has anything to do with the super off road series…it makes you wonder.

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego

This is one of the more famous games from the older PC era right? Right! This game came with a lot of discs as well as an encyclopedia to help you find this bitch. Good luck!


I actually bought this game at EB games some ten years ago… for the retail price of 9.99! I loved this game a lot although every time I play it I always remember when I was sick one time and played this game all day….it’s a bitter sweet memory.

Alien Carnage

This was the latest boxed pc game I bought. The cover art for this title may rival the one of Commander Keen! They are both very good cover arts won’t you agree?

Ancient Empires

Last but not least we have Ancient Empires. The cover art for this game is quite interesting as well but no match for Silpheed and Commander Keen!

So that is it for my collection of boxed old PC games. I will keep looking and finding them as my hunts come along so it should be interesting to find me some other neat titles. The older the game the better! Hope you guys liked this.

Aileen Bautista: Dinoroar Interactive

Dinoroar Interactive logo
Dinoroar Interactive logo

Name: Aileen Bautista

Company: Dinoroar Interactive

Profession: Founder and CEO

Favorite Classic Game: Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Quote: For a 1991 MS-DOS game, this was my absolutely favourite PC game when I was growing up.  I remember playing this game with the likes of “Gods”, “California Games”, and “Doom”.

My fondest memory was catching Carmen Sandiego, feeling all awesome that I caught the bad guy.  For an educational game at that time, it definitely didn’t seem like it.  I was having too much fun trying to capture suspects and travelling around the world.  I also enjoyed getting my missions and playing “detective”.

This was definitely one of those games that made you want to play it continuously until you caught Carmen Sandiego.

Bio: I’m the founder and CEO of Dinoroar Interactive. (  You don’t see a lot of girl gamers who take action and start their own games company these days.  I guess thats why I started one.  I wanted to produce games that I like to play, things that are fun and that challenge me- but also taking into consideration smart and quirky gaming situations that people want to be in.

The team at Dinoroar are pretty mad and consists of a vast array of super nerdy talented people that are committed to creating excellent and exciting games and products for all our loyal gaming followers.

Our focus is basic interaction- which means that the team provides smart, quirky and entertaining situations for you to be in.


Dinoroars’ innovative and interactive products and games gives anyone (of any age) an excuse to enjoy themselves for that brief moment in time.

Dinoroar memory loss
Dinoroar memory loss

Project: Memory Loss Games App. just recently released in the Apple App Store (for iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch at its introductory price of $3.99USD) and will also be available on Android and Symbian Market (release dates of Nov-Dec 2010)

Project Info: I wanted a game that was simple yet challenging and with this brief came up with our games app- Memory Loss.  It’s a skillful game that will get you HOOKED on its game play. Trust me this game ain’t for the light hearted.


It has 10 smartly created scenarios and the player will have a certain amount of items (and time) for to memorize the scene- then, it flips over to the actual game, where you have 60 seconds of play time to try and find all the items you saw previously.

Only ultra-super-duper tech head nerds will fight to the death to finish this game. (Like the Dinoroar team)  Will you be up for the challenge?

Memory Loss Games App. just recently released in the Apple App Store (for iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch at its introductory price of $3.99USD) and will also be available on Android and Symbian Market (release dates of Nov-Dec 2010)