World of Warplanes: Ta 152 Lethal Cannons 5 Kills 3413 Base XP

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World of Warplanes: Me 265 8 Kills Anniversary

Fun match for my anniversary event for my Me 265!

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World of Warplanes: P-80A Shooting Star 6 Kills 3610 Base XP

Here is the P-80A Shooting Star, the special premium tier 8 American fighter. It’s a solid money maker if you can get it through the special Christmas mission for 2016. I highly recommend it! It shoots very accurate because of the gun placement in the nose.

World of Warplanes: Bf 110 B Untouchable, Gorovets Medal 9 Kills

I took no damage and got a Gorovets Medal (9 Kills) in this match with the overpowered tier 4 German Heavy Fighter, the Bf 110 B. It is simply the most powerful overall tier 4 plane in the game unless you get a fast fighter that headhunts you and takes you out.

Let’s Play World of Warplanes: Ki -61 Hien Turning Killer 10 Kills

In this match I was possessed by the ghost of a real Samurai, getting 10 kills (13 flight kills) in a match that started out pretty bad with people getting split up from the main group and crying about it.

World of Warplanes: F-84B Thunderjet Mega Super XP 32k Total XP 7 Kills 3420 Base XP

After overclocking my first gen i7 from 2.66 Ghz Base (2.8 Ghz before) to now 4.0 Ghz, I noticed my frame rate average went way up and my accuracy improved dramatically. This battle was filled with cool kills and awesome screenshot potentials, especially near the end.

World of Warplanes: XFL-1 Airabonita Que Bonita (7 Kills)

Although the XFL-1 Airabonita isn’t too good, I got lucky in this match and ended up getting 7 Kills with it. I think much like the Airacobra, you have to pick the right targets in the right order to hit them with your big cannon and hit at point blank range usually.

World of Warplanes: First Battle In The New Arsenal VB 10 (Ace)

In my first battle in the new Arsenal VB 10 tier 7 French Heavy Fighter we can see how overpowered the plane is. It literally shatters most enemies quickly and has enough boost to boost across the entire map in one burst. The VB 10 was earned via the 2016 Anniversary event for the game.

World of Warplanes: Ki-162-I Deadly Little Miho 6 Kills 4164 Base XP

The tier 9 Japanese Fighter Ki-162-I might not have the scary firepower of its cousin the J7W2 but it still has a strong boost and quick cooling dual 30mm cannons which are enough to make it a deadly interceptor (probably the best turning interceptor at tier 9).

Let’s Play World of Warplanes: NC 1070 Elite Wing Tier 8 In Tier 10 Match

The game decided to throw Blarf and I into a tier 10 match while we were using our NC 1070s in flight. We ended up getting elite wing in this awesome match.

World of Warplanes: J7W1 Shinden, Down But Not Out 8 Kills 3733 Base XP

You know it’s bad when you’re down a lot of planes and you’re in an airplane made out of paper. I managed to get 8 kills and win by prioritizing the right targets and staying out of harm’s way unless necessary.

World of Warplanes: SE 100 Awesome New Premium French Heavy

The SE 100 is a new French premium Heavy Fighter. It handles slightly worse than the P-38F but it is a premium and with its 4 x 20mm cannons it does hit pretty hard.

World of Warplanes: AD 10C2 These French Crimson Skies (Ace)

Here we have my first battle with the new tier 5 French fighter premium plane AD 10C2. It has a rear gunner which is not too common for a fighter. The AD 10C2 turns really well and shreds planes at short range. It looks a LOT like a plane from the game Crimson Skies!

Let’s Play World of Warplanes: Westland P.1056 Don’t Mess With Pignose

In this game with my buddy Blarf, we can see how great the tier 8 British Heavy Fighter Westland P.1056 is while I talk nonsense about Crispin Glover and his Clowny Clown Clown video.

World of Warplanes: Ki-94-II – What A Killing Machine!

This is the tier 8 Japanese fighter, the Ki-94-II and it is a superb medium altitude killing machine. I was running it without the best engine and with just the 4 x 20mm cannons.

Let’s Play World of Warships: Saving Transylvania, Igor Cruiser (5 Kills)

In this fun Halloween PVE mode (scenario), we had to protect the Transylvania from the evil Rasputin super ship and it’s legion of undead battleships and nasty catapults. This Halloween scenario is actually a lot of fun!

Let’s Play World of Tanks: Alex Takes Out A Maus With His ISU-152

While playing with Alex and Bob, Alex managed to take out 4 enemies and score 2678 damage in a match we had up against tier 10s. The best part was when he ripped a Maus to pieces in two salvos. And we weren’t even supposed to win, according to XVM… o7 gg

World of Warships: Clemson, the little destroyer that could

This game was hectic for me. I started by getting into a really bad brawl at close range with an enemy destroyer. I had less than half health for most of the game. I end up getting annihilated by an Arkansas Beta but due most of the team’s efforts we end up winning anyways.

The Clemson is one of the best tier 4 ships in the game. It has an amazing turret layout that lets you play it aggressively because they track really well. Your shells are your main weapons. You’d have to get dangerously close to use torpedoes and to me it’s not worth dying.

World of Warplanes: First Game In Ki-61 Hien 6 Kills

Although some people consider the firepower in the new Japanese tier 6 Ki-61 Hien to be underwhelming, to me it’s just enough for it to be one of the best fighters at that tier. Sure, it’s not as overpowered as the Ki-88 with it’s massive cannons but it can always out turn it and on a 1-on-1 fight, it will always win.

World of Warplanes: NC 1070 You’re Our Last Hope 6 Kills

Having respecced my NC 1070 to be even deadlier for the Japanese Threat event, I was left last man standing on my team against 3 enemy fighters. The respec worked…

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World of Warplanes: Meet The New Ki-10, First Game 8 Kills

As part of my rewards for playing the Japanese Threat I got early access to fly and keep the new Ki-10, tier 2 Japanese Fighter. It wasn’t fully upgraded, but I did still install better machineguns into it, and full equipment. The results show a very powerful tier 2 machine that turns great and hits hard.

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World of Warplanes: Me P.1092, Japanese Threat, Awesome Teamwork

I was fortunate enough to have my clan mates on my side during this special event for World of Warplanes called Japanese Threat. It is basically factional warfare (Allies vs Axis) and the event gives you loot crates based on how much you contributed to the war. It lasts for 2 hours or until the amount of hit points a faction has runs out. So far it’s my favorite event ever in the game. As far as the loot crates go so far I’ve received a bunch of gold, free XP, and some high tier equipment for my planes. The potential to unlock free, fully researched planes is there.

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Let’s Play World of Warships: ARP Hiei Hello Kitty Goodbye Kitty

HAIIIIIIIII here is my ARP Hiei video! =^-^= It’s only your friendly neighborhood pink Kongo!!! =]

If you enjoy this game you can download and play for free here.

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World of Warplanes: A6M3 (exp.) Whoopsie Daisy

Here is my first battle with the new tier 5 premium Japanese fighter, the A6M3 (exp.). It wields 2 x 30mm cannons and 2 x 7.7mm machineguns. It’s sort of like a mini J7W1-2 (because of the big guns) but it suffers from the same problem that most Japanese planes currently do in World of Warplanes – a lack of speed.

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World of Warplanes: First Battle In My XF-90 3519 Base XP

I decided to buy the XF-90 as my first tier 10. As this game shows, it was a smart decision! The XF-90 has enough thrust and firepower to basically do any role, especially high altitude engagements.

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World of Warships: Why you should always kill destroyers ASAP in every game

This video basically shows why you should kill most destroyers as soon as humanly possible in every game you play. The replay is provided by my friend Diode_mA (Diode Milliampere). He basically goes straight for the enemy base and one-shots with his entire torpedo barrage an enemy battleship of a higher tier. He then proceeds to cap the enemy base with the enemy team doing little to stop him. GG!!!

People don’t realize how important base defense is. I blame the enemy destroyers and especially cruisers for costing their team the game.

If you enjoy this game you can download and play for free from:

World of Tanks

[youtube id=”ugYGVYD3tiI” width=”633″ height=”356″]

World of Tanks Xbox 360

I would have gotten more enjoyment out of World of Tanks if the learning curve was a little more gradual. Unfortunately, the game throws you into the fray with about as much wartime knowledge as Maxwell Klinger.  This is certain to minimally frustrate even the most seasoned gamer. ~Eric Hollis

There’s something about reviewing a free-to-play game that makes me feel extremely ungrateful.  I’d never complain about a free lunch, or a mercy hand job, so I certainly have no room to complain about a free game, right? Wrong. But at least World of Tanks doesn’t feel like either a free-to-play crapfestival or a micro transactional grind, both of which make it an extremely refreshing and pleasant change, especially on the 360.

World of Tanks - Xbox 360

If you love blowing up tanks with other tanks, you couldn’t ask for a better game.  While the content is a little dumbed down from the PC version, you still can choose between multiple vehicles from American, German, and British stables.  Upgrading said vehicles can become a chunky grind. Even if you are willing to throw down real cash for a new ride, you still have to play multiple matches with each vehicle to move to the next tier.  The higher-level beasts will take most players weeks to obtain, and that’s with a lot of dedication and perseverance.  One hundred plus hours of gametime that cost absolutely zero is nothing to scoff at, especially when you aren’t getting something that feels even close to a budget title.  Hell, I’ve played tons of sixty-dollar games that, by comparison, should be ashamed they charged at all.

World of Tanks - Xbox 360

The premise of World of Tanks is simple—it’s a third-person shooter that uses tanks instead of soldiers.  Players participate in large 15 on 15 battles that involve either capturing a base or annihilating the enemy team.  The seven included maps represent varied terrain. Fortunately this concept works very well. As far as control, besides a few tweak to the aiming, if you’ve ever played Battlefield, you’ve already learned everything about the actual controls you need to know.  There’s also a very brief tutorial that explains how to traverse the map.  Unfortunately, map use is about all that is explained, which led to my biggest frustrations with this title.

World of Tanks - Xbox 360

The biggest problem with the game is the sheer lack of critical information.  Nothing is ever explained in detail, with the exception of a few scant loading screens. Armed with only minimal quality instruction, I felt extremely over my head during almost every match.  Why do tanks disappear off the map at random?  Why do my shots immobilize enemy players as often as they do no damage whatsoever?  Why can I crush some objects like aluminum cans yet others stop me dead on my treads?  I would have gotten more enjoyment out of World of Tanks if the learning curve was a little more gradual. Unfortunately, the game throws you into the fray with about as much wartime knowledge as Maxwell Klinger.  This is certain to minimally frustrate even the most seasoned gamer.

World of Tanks - Xbox 360

My other issue is the rhythm of gameplay.  In World of Tanks you never respawn in the match; death is always permanent.  With that, hastiness in battle never proved to be an intelligent option.  (Trust me, I tried the old bum rush the enemy base play.)  This kind of mortality causes the player to think more fully about strategic methods, which is fine, but lasting death also means that even the most minor mistake will force you to stare at another player’s screen while waiting for the next match to start.  Thankfully, there is no penalty for quitting a match early, but an early exit hinders the chance to make friends and talk trash at length with other Tankers, two activities that are crucial not only to shooters but to online gaming in general.  Some of the matches also felt extremely unbalanced, but this was probably due to the fact that I was absolutely garbagedick at the game. Simply put, I never felt like I figured out how to play well enough to enjoy myself.

World of Tanks - Xbox 360

Unfortunately I couldn’t get into World of Tanks, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least give it a try.  If you really want to get into the vast community that WarGaming has created, my research tells me that the PC version is a lot more substantial and developed than the version I played on 360.

World of Warplanes Beta Key Give-a-way


You know you are making it big time when you can finally give away things to your readers. So as you know we love Wargaming and Wargaming loves us and we have a bunch of World of Warplanes beta keys to give away. However, we can’t toss em out there at least not without a little something extra from our readers.

So it’s simple if you want a free key post in the comments your favorite classic game and tell us why it is your favorite and we will send you the code. Now, to make this easier we ask that you register using your Facebook then we can just message you the code. Otherwise you can post your commend then e-mail us by clicking here. Then we can e-mail the key to you, but honestly attaching your Facebook is best because we will be getting more give-a-ways and will randomly send them to people who post comments on our website.

Now believe me, I get it, signing up to something new is a drag, but we are entering our fourth year and really want to build a community here where people post on our site. The feedback makes us better and in turn the site better. We also like hearing what games people like so there is that too. We have a lot of keys to give-a-way so spread the word to people who want one to come and post here and we will hook them up too.

Remember, something is only Obsolete if you allow it to become so.

Here is the format for posting your comment:

Favorite Classic Game: (Put name here)

Explain why it is your favorite game: (Put as much detail as you wish)

Here are the details once you get the codes:

World of Warplanes Beta Key Instructions

  1. Have or create a Wargaming account at
  2. Once that step is complete, click on the “Join Closed Beta” pane on the main homepage
  3. On the “World of Warplanes Closed Beta Application” page, click on the “Have an Invite Code?” link located under the system requirements
  4. Enter your beta key
  5. Download and install the game!

Also, these keys are valid only on the US server and expire on May 31st, 2013.

Thanks to Wargaming U.S.A. for the codes!

The World of Tanks Show

World of Tanks E3 2011

Anyone who is a regular reader of Obsolete Gamer knows we love World of Tanks. We first got into the tank fighting MMO at E3 a few years back and it was love at first sight. Some of the staff like myself are novices while others are pros and for a long time we wanted to have a podcast about the game we love.

We were excited when we contacted Jamie King at War Gaming America and was introduced to Caleb Fox who joined us on this week show and answers our numerous and wide ranging questions. For this first podcast we wanted to talk to those newer to the game and those interested in trying it for the first time.

We hope to have future podcasts going deeper into the game and clan wars, but this week is all about the beginners. Check out one of our beginners guides here.

So check it out and let us know what you think and remember, you can download our podcasts on ITunes and now we are available on Stitcher Radio.

World of Tanks 8.0 Review



What is World of Tanks?

In a nutshell World of Tanks is the best tank simulator MMO out there. Think of it like a modern day Panzer Commander. They’re basically the same game except that World of Tanks is infinitely superior in every way: more units, online multiplayer, it’s free, it’s updated all the time, it has excellent support and community, etc. Then again I was comparing it to Panzer Commander which was made by the defunct SSI (Strategy Simulations Inc), which back in its day was sort of like the modern day company Paradox Interactive, who still make classic strategy games and other games that SSI would make back in the day!

If you still haven’t played World of Tanks then stop wasting your time playing stuff like Hello Kitty Online and get it here. Nothing against HKO, I play it too! If you want my advice with World of Tanks, read my World of Tanks strategy guide for beginners.

World of Tanks 8.0 Review

Chances are if you are reading this 8.0 Review you already know what WoT is, so let’s get down to what’s so good and bad about it!



The game has a completely rewritten game engine that makes it look a more real than before. The graphics to me feel so much cleaner now almost like the difference from a DirectX 9 to DirectX 11 game. It’s that good of a change.

On most systems I’ve tested it, it has gained much performance. I compared it to it having the same settings. On my girlfriend’s laptop which has a really poor integrated video card by Intel, she went from getting usually 6 fps to getting 16 fps while having the game look much better. I went myself, on my 2011 main gaming PC, from getting about 35 fps on max everything to now getting 45-65 fps with the same settings.



No longer are we faced with invisible immortal air walls that prevent your tank from running off a cliff or a slope. Now not only can you do that if you want but you can push people off areas, or even flip them over if you run into them hard enough. Shooting, especially from a light tank will make your tank move along with the direction of the recoil. It is now possible to slide down a hill if you don’t have enough traction or the correct momentum to make it up. Tanks also now can be destroyed by putting themselves in places that they are not designed to be in, such as under water.

All this is really great but it also presents a problem because now I often, in at least every other game, see what I call “a bunch of retarded 12-year olds” do stuff like try to jump over a river then smash into it and blow up. I’ve also seen the 12-year old retards do things like try to jump fly over a bridge that is 200 feet high in the air and then have their tank shatter into pieces once it hits the ground. I report them because this is the kind of thing that ruins a game. To me it’s the equivalent of griefing the team such as feeding would in another game League of Legends.

If I were in charge of Wargaming, I would dramatically increase the penalty for committing suicide in the game in such an obvious way over and over to be the equivalent of team killing. Sure, the game already had team killing prevention but it’s simply not good enough to prevent all the 12 year olds from ruining the game, especially for the people playing who have spent money on the game and don’t have all day to game.



Most of the maps have been redone either to fix some annoying exploits or to take advantage of the better terrain and more destroyable features of the landscape. This in itself completely changes how you now play the game. It’s time to relearn most of the minor details of maps and that to me makes the game more interesting again!

Sound Effects:

Most of the combat sound effects have been improved to make them sound more real. All the cannons have a unique boom that’s specific to the specifications of the weapon. Armor damage, ricochet, and dings sound a lot more impressive than they did pre 8.0 Even the noises the ground makes as you drive over it and break stuff sounds a lot more real. This greatly improves my enjoyment of the game.

I wish though they would finally hire some voice actors to talk in the native language of whatever tank I am using. It’s really annoying to hear some American sounding guy saying “Well that’s gotta hurt!!!” or “Let’s move out!!!” as I use my German, French, or Russian tanks. Fix it! The quick fix would be just to remove the voice that’s there right now. I’d rather hear just the sounds of warfare than this guy talking!



This is the best update I’ve ever seen for World of Tanks. Wargaming really keeps me coming back to this game with the monthly updates as well as the promise of World of Warplanes and World of Warships. Since the games will eventually share your unified account, it’s not a big deal to grind on World of Tanks since I know one day I will be sharing my XP, Credits, and Gold with my other “World of (blank)” accounts!

Beginner’s Guide to World of Tanks

World of Tanks Screen Image 6 from 8.0

This guide should help a new player make the correct choices when dedicating themselves to becoming good at World of Tanks.

First things first is figuring out whether you will want to or not spend money on this game. If you don’t plan to, pick ONE country and stick to it. I recommend either USSR if you like fighting up close or USA if you want overall good tanks, although France seems to be the most OP faction (patch 7.4-7.5). With the tutorial completed, which you can pause (it says abort but ignore that) and unpause any time, you will end up with 6 regular tanks. You can eventually have all the highest tier USSR tanks plus if you want you can keep that useless tier 2 USSR gold tank (premium tank) they give you. I prefer to keep it since it will become a guaranteed money maker and tank trainer later on (which you will eventually need).

I sold mine but that was a mistake. It could be worth keeping just to power level your tankers. Just to clarify, a gold tank is a game that is bought using gold which is the real-life-money money in the game. It can only be bought or earned from Clan War matches. Clan War matches is what you should be trying to get into if you really want to get deep into this game. You should also keep your eye open on the main World of Tanks website because they sometimes have promotions or special events that could get you huge discounts or free things.

world of tanks gameplay

The most important rule to know about WoT is that every time you have to do a conversion, you lose a significant proportion of whatever it is you are converting. Crew training on all tanks should be as max as possible, usually spending 20000 credits per crew member is the way to go, especially if you own at least one gold tank. You can convert experience points from gold tanks for gold as well as XP from Elite status tanks. This is time efficient if you have money to spend. Converting gold to credits has horrible returns so never do it.

Always run with consumables on all your tanks and try to buy them especially during the 50% off sales. Make sure that it’s worth using the consumable such as in a game where it comes down to just 2 tanks per side and it will make a huge impact on whether you win or lose. I always run in this order: health kit, repair kit, and fire extinguisher. If a tank you are using is too slow I recommending swapping out the fire extinguisher for high octane gasoline. It will make a world of difference between you hating the tank and learning to tolarate it.

world of tanks gameplay

Getting tanks is really easy in the early tiers but eventually you’re going to hit a wall of either XP or credits. Credits are even more important and harder to generate. Either check with other people or the forums to see what people are currently running to make money. If you will spend money on the game, I found that the Super Pershing is the best bang for the buck for the Tier 8 tanks for making money, if not the reasonable Tier 5 Churchill III. The Churchill III is the cheapest and sometimes the funnest to play. It’s only 1500 Gold most of the time (roughly $7-8 in cost). Myself I spent a good amount of money in the game. I also bought tank slots for every type of branch in the game and I’m slowly making my way there with every class of tank for every country.

Doing this, playing the game like crazy, it takes me about 6-7 hours to do all my tanks, to try to get the daily bonus. As a macro strategy I this saves the most time as opposed to straight grinding, if you want to save the most time AND have everything in the game unlocked. Most people don’t have time to do that every day so although that to me is the most money efficient thing to do (to run all non-gold tanks, every kind), most people don’t have time for this! The other thing to take into account is whether you want to pay for the Premium Account or not. While this is on all tanks yield a +50% bonus to the generation of XP and Credits. Technically if you have Premium and you do the first win of the day for a tank, rather than get the double XP bonus that it gives you would get triple (1.5 X 2 = 3). It’s a huge bonus but I only myself recommend it if you have a LOT of time on your hands, then it’s a great value! Since I started working more in real life, I run a year of premium in World of Tanks all the time, which comes out to about $8 a month to play the game which is an amazing value to me for this game.

world of tanks gameplay

A general thing to know about Gold tanks is that they are meant to generate pure credits and also they can be used to train crew faster for any crew of that specific country and that specific vehicle class. For example you can put a heavy tank crew from a KV1 in a Churchill and they can use it with no penalties. Alternatively, if you want to save money and power level any crew of that country, so long as they are 75% experience and up, you can stick them in anyways but they will perform with a -25% penalty but even then it can still be done effectively so long as you stick to the 75% experience minimum rule. I don’t recommend putting in crews from a different vehicle type because not only will they have the penalty but they will also get an XP penalty.

General combat tips:

Now, look at this video to understand how to position your tank during battle so you don’t die in every one on one fight.

Never EVER use the right mouse button to lock on to a target. It’s useless and dumb and it won’t target specific areas of tanks that you MUST hit. On top of that it’s highly inaccurate and a gateway into being an eternal noob in the game. Since it targets the center of mass of a tank and does NOT lead targets it will miss very often. It is only really useful if you are a light tank doing a carousel move around a slow tank and you need to concentrate all your energy into driving.

If you’re fighting while driving up a hill, I would say that 90% of the time, you’re dead!

If there is artillery in play and you just killed one of their team mates, if you’re standing still you’re very likely to get hit. Try to drive forward for a second, rotate 30 to 45 degrees, and move for one or two seconds.

If you’re an artillery and something just shot at you, you BETTER be moving ASAP if you want to live. Also I recommend moving up slightly with the front so you just all your shots, especially if you are steam rolling the enemy team.

Try to rotate your front always towards the enemy that you’re fighting if you’re pinned down in a slugfest kind of fight!

Aim for areas in the enemy such as the rear of their tank or wheels if you want to stop them from moving.

world of tanks gameplay

Know your role and act like it most of the time. If you’re a light tank, you’re the scout (sometimes). Find as many of the enemies as possible especially their artillery and scouts and kill them (those two, you are not supposed to take on a heavy tank other than maybe to get a lucky shot in their fuel tank). If you’re a tank destroyer fight from cover most of the time since you have less health than a medium tank and almost no armor. If you’re a heavy, you need to “tank” but don’t necessarily be out in the open. If you’re a medium your job is to do everything! If you’re artillery, try hitting all the heavies first. The only time you should not play your role is when the team you’re with is failing so badly that you need to pull a Rambo just to survive!

Map awareness: memorize every map. Try to fight from higher ground, especially if there’s cover but know that a good artillery will shoot all their memorized cover spots in such hills.

Generally, if you’re out in the open and nobody else on your team is around or you’re ahead of everybody, you’re in grave danger!

world of tanks gameplay

Vehicle upgrades: For most tanks always upgrade the gun as much as possible (to me penetration is the most important stat). DO THE MATH – calculate if the new gun can be handled by your suspension. Every ton = 1000 kg and the game provides module weight in kilograms. If you’re a scout or an arty, go for radio first as it will help you relay information more accurately. For scouts I recommend engines (for better acceleration) as well as tracks for better turning, as well as turrets for better line of sight (you see people faster or further).

Teching up: Try to tech up in a straight line down that path to your desired tank. For example, if you are trying to get russian arty maxed out, try to go for that directly rather than the KV-2 path because it will be insanely more expensive.

About ammunition: I find it a WASTE to use premium ammo on anything but tournaments or clan wars. Also, before you enter any match make sure you look at the gun tier of your tank; this is a rough estimate as to what tank tier you are expected to damage with that gun (assume damaging a medium tank of that tier). Should you find yourself at the bottom of the food chain in a match make sure to have brought some HE (high explosive ammmo) because it’s better to shoot a higher tier tank with this than bounce off 90% of your shots and at least you will be able to risk getting a tracked hit on that big tank that a team mate can kill for you. This is especially effective I found once I F2 tag the target then type in chat “I tracked him”. You will be surprised how quickly that tank will turn into the local punching bag.
Well, I hope this guide helps you get better at World of Tanks, let me get back to playing my 30 tanks! =P