Sonic CD: Collision Chaos Old School: OC ReMix

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Sonic CD: Collision Chaos Old School: OC ReMix

Here is an awesome remix from the masters over at Overclock Remix. This remix features music from the Japanese version of. Sonic CD.

Sonic CD

• Game: Sonic CD (Sega, 1993, SCD)
• ReMixer(s): Gecko Yamori
• Composer(s): Masafumi Ogata, Naofumi Hataya, Pastiche, Spencer N. Nilsen, Yukifumi Makino
• Song(s): ‘Collision Chaos “G”mix (J)’
• Posted: 2002-07-08, evaluated by djpretzel

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Sonic Advance: Egg Rocket Zone Remix

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Egg Rocket Zone Remix

We love video game music and remixes here at Obsolete Gamer so we want to profile some of the ones we have come across and enjoy. Today we have a cool remix from Sonic Advance. If you have a remix you love e-mail us and we might be able to profile it for you.

Sonic Advance Music

Music Info:


This remix comes from my friend’s brain ( ), and it’s about a fantastic music of a fantastic videogame: “Sonic Advance”…

The original music is here:

The Video Game Music of Pippo Noviello

Pippo Noviello
Pippo Noviello

The Video Game Music of Pippo Noviello

Today, I have for you the great video game music played by my friend Pippo Noviello. Enjoy his great renditions!

The Ninja Warriors-Daddy Mulk played live by Pippo Noviello

Delta (Rob Hubbard), played live by Pippo Noviello

Videogame music live medley – played by Pippo Noviello

Turrican, The Wall

Cybernoid 2 Remix by Pippo Noviello

Outrun, Magical Sound Shower, played live by Pippo Noviello

Comic Bakery, jazz version by Pippo Noviello

Turrican 2 (Air Combat) Slap Bass on Korg PA80

The Last V8 (Rob Hubbard), played live on the really nice Fabian Del Priore remix, by Pippo Noviello

Outrun, Magical Sound Shower, played on top of the xbox version

Lightforce (Rob Hubbard), played by Pippo Noviello

Delta, Spanish Flamenco version by Pippo Noviello

Ninja Warriors – Daddy Mulk

Monty On The Run (Rob Hubbard)

Ninja Warriors, Daddy Mulk played on top of Zuntata’s 90’s concert by Pippo Noviello


Pippo, nice work on your versions of these classic songs! Keep up the great work!

If you enjoy Pippo’s music, please subscribe to his youtube channel!