Bands That Are A LOT Like Aqua

Toy-Box - Best Friend

Aqua is loved and hated by many, but they are often copied! Here are some clones!

This kind of music is called Bubblegum Pop. It”s often found in Dance Dance Revolution games (DDR).

Crispy – In & Out

Crispy – Licky Licky

Daze – Superhero

Daze – Tamagotchi

Hit N Hide – Space Invaders

Me & My – Baby Boy

Me & My – Dub I Dub

Me & My – Lion Their gaming suite is unmatched in quality graphics and animation in one of the best software in the Online Casino industry. Eddie

Mr President – Coco Jambo

Passion Fruit – Bongo Man

Passion Fruit – Sun Fun Baby (Looky Looky)

Passion Fruit – The Rigga Ding Dong Song

Passion Fruit – Wonderland – Boys – Butterfly

Toy-Box – Best Friend

Toy-Box – Superstar

Toy-Box – Tarzan & Jane

Toy-Box – The Sailor Song

Bad Lip Reading – Magic Man

Aww naw, look out y

Bad Lip Reading is a rather brillant YouTube channel that takes music videos of pop songs and writes their own original songs designed to match the lip movements of the people in the video, with little to no regard for making sense. Usually substantial editing of the original video is also involved.

This video takes Ludacris”s My Girl Video and adds hobbits, silly lyrics, clever editing, great music and (look out y”all) the Bee Gees.

I”m sure you”ll love it as much as I do.



Yeah, I”m the Magic Man at the Magic School
I rescued 17 chickens one day
I”m the Magic Man, got a magic goose
Them chickens do stuff I can”t explain to you

My life is a macaroni dream
Little white mouses crawl in my bed
I”m the Magic Man
For real though
I know karate and definitely used it on a
Low ridin” hobbit on my mountain
I said “You know what, this ain”t right”
And then he farted
And I was like “Damn, son, sh** is rude
It”s my mountain. You wanna pass gas you can go on home.”

Hey, hey hey – get me a windmill.
Why don”t you go decorate a pie?

Aww naw, look out y”all, it”s the Bee Gees!

I”m the Magic Man at the Magic School
Loan me a dragon, I wanna see space
The Magic Man, got a magic goose
No hobbit ever better disrespect my mountain

This hobbit I knew pissed off a homeboy
And the bitch shot him two times — bang! — on his mountain
And I had to break it to his son
We took a ring from the guy”s finger
It brought us 200 bills
I flew to Cuba, he flew to Mexico

I ain”t shoot ANYthing
Man, that”s crazy!
You lookin” for a ghetto hobbit with a uzi

I”m the Magic Man at the Magic School
There”s a gremlin walkin” on my sidewalk
I”m the Magic Man, got a Magic Goose
True ninja.
Magic Man at the Magic School
Yeah, I ain”t see no hobbits in Star Wars
I”m the Magic Man, got a Magic Goose
Gang Fight!!

My niece had a Shih Tzu
But she don”t have it no more
It bit Jolly June the humpback up on her hump
Spank my wood
Till I bleed
Or so that I scream
Oh my God, there”s a tissue in my Chevy, homeboy
I wanna touch your booty

I got a fluffy shirt.

MySpace Interview – Unkle Funkle

Uncle Funkle

So, who are you anyway?

Unkle Funkle, savour of the galaxy. Through the mighty weapon of da Funk I am taking over this planet – dance-step by dance-step.

Describe your sound for us.

I implanted the DNA of the original late 60’s and 70’s funkateers into my hips. That combined with my love for soul and pop music and my undeniably white herritage. As I’ve allways said: There will be a black president in the USA before there will be a white funk-pioneer… Well, here comes the white funk-pioneer!!!

So you rate yourself then?

If I do, it must be X-rated…

Who are your influences?

Prince, Stevie Wonder, George Clinton, Curtis Mayfield, James Brown.

Tell us one of your musical secrets.

…don’t know if it’s a secret, but make music that gets YOU off. Don’t make music you think will get other people off. As soon as I did, I noticed a change in the audience. People started to get off of my music!

What’s in the future?

More fun, more funk, less boring stuff.

What’s your claim to fame?

Actualy I don’t give a funk! I make music that gets me off. When I play live, if there is twenty people diggin it, that’s all I need!

Musically, where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

A drunken bafoon lying in my jaccuzi (sponsored by my 20 fans:-D) drinking cheap fake champagne.

Myspace or Facebook?

Myspace for music, facebook for friends.