You don’t get the show #15: Cheaters, Hackers and Lawsuits

We’re talking cheaters, hackers and lawsuits from Overwatch players wanting to sue Blizzard for banning them for cheating to Blizzard suing software hackers for messing with their game.

If you think that’s bad, we also talk about how South Korea wants to toss you in jail if you make cracks for these games.

Next, we look into the changing face of the YouTube content creator and the growing difficulty of separating yourself from the herd we also look at how Apple hopes to bring first run movies to Apple TV within 2-weeks of its theatrical release, but how do they plan to prevent wide spread piracy?

South Korea: Midnight Ban on Online Gaming

South Korean gamers
South Korean gamers

Midnight Ban on Online Gaming

Everyone remembers the stories out of South Korea about some gamers dying of dehydration playing games like Lineage, well South Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism is tackling the problem of Online Gaming addictionn by imposing a midnight ban on online gaming for underage gamers.

So how will it work? The ban will be applied to popular online games be it RPG’s or others and underage gamers will be kicked out of the game based on the time they choose. So for example you can choose the lockout times of midnight to 6am, 1-7 a.m., or 2-8 a.m.

In addition the SK government will be implementing a slowdown system that will throttle internet speeds. If anyone has ever used Comcast Cable and tried to download multiple seasons of television shows you know what throttling does. For the rest of you it means your speeds will slow so if your online games need a lot of bandwidth and they throttle you then in effect you will not be able to play forcing you to take a break.

In my opinion this is excessive and would never work in the U.S. could you imagine, the Tea Party would have a whole new legion of followers.