Cosplay: Rumble Roses

Truths about Alienware

There was too much cake:

Alienware is a Miami based company and as such there were a lot of people of Spanish decent. Well, if you don’t know Spanish people like to celebrate events, perhaps more so than others and those celebrations always have food and cake.

Remember the Seinfeld episode where Elaine hates the large number of office parties? Well, at Alienware there was some event at least three times a week. During my time in the Critical Issues department I must have had cake or some kind of pastry every other day. Now granted, it was my fault for eating so much, but damn who can say no to awesome Cuban cake?

Employee Sales were awesome:

I remember some people claiming we sold returned or damaged parts sometimes. Well let me tell you that is completely false. If a product had even a scratch it would either be returned to the manufacture or sold at the employee sale.

The employee sale was great because the leadership was nice enough to price the stuff real low so we all could get some stuff. We were surprised at the great condition of the merchandise and that was because we did not let bad stuff get by us. I was just glad we were so strict, I built several awesome computers for myself thanks to the employee sale.

There was an attack bird:

When we moved into our latest building we had a crazy blackbird that would swoop down and attack us while we walked from our car to the building. At first we thought it was a mother bird with a nest, but there was no nest and this went on for months.

It was weird too because the bird was smart and would only attack us from behind. We use to say it must be a Falcon Northwest bird. In the end they did some bird away service that gets rid of birds without hurting them. After all, we came in peace.

Enough of that

On to the Cosplay.



Motivational Monday: The Shower Scene

motivational poster


Video Game Show Scenes

We have a Facebook series called Video Game Motivation posters where we upload a new motivational or de-motivational poster each weekday.  For this new series we will take it a bit farther and only present one poster originally created by the Obsolete Gamer team (at least we hope it’s original) and accompany it with information and maybe some video.

This week’s MM is dedicated to the Shower Scene. Now shower scenes have been popular in thrillers and horror films going back to the days of black and white. One of the most famous shower scenes is the one from the horror movie Psycho.

I mean who doesn’t feel at least a little bit vulnerable in the shower? Besides us in horror films the shower scene is also used in love stories, for seduction purposes and to give us an interment moment with a character. This of course translated over to games and with high end 3D graphics there have been a number of memorable video game shower scenes.

Just a little warning, some of the videos show animated nudity so I will tag this NSFW (Not Safe for Work) so watch at your own risk.

Fatal Frame III

Parasite Eve II

Enemy Zero

Rumble Roses

Dead or Alive III

Xenosaga III

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain -Shower Scene from Jeux Video