The Obsolete Gamer Show #8: The year was 2015

We’re recapping 2015! The Obsolete Gamer Show looks back at some of their funnier and interesting interviews and skits including guest clips from Jordan Weisman, Isaiah-Triforce Johnson, Regina Carpinelli, Richard Morgan and more.

We also look back on some of our favorite games and interesting gaming news stories that had an impact on the gaming world.

You can also listen or download the podcast version below.

The Obsolete Gamer Show: Richard Morgan

We welcome author Richard Morgan to the show to talk about the release of his gamebook based on his series, A Land Fit for Heroes which you can find on ITunes, Android and Amazon. It was great to talk writing, his work on Crysis 2, Syndicate and what you can expect from picking up his gamebooks and if you haven’t read the, A Land Fit for Heroes series you should.

You can view the interview directly here –

You can find A Land fit For Heroes on Google Play & iTunes

Locally, we visited TigerDirect’s Tech Bash 2016 which is a convention held at the Miami Marlins park here in Miami which features current and upcoming releases of technology. We put together a cool montage featuring some of the systems we checked out while at the event.