DubStep Friday’s: Rebecca Blackstep 2

Rebecca Blackstep 2

We had to come back and post the second Rebecca Blackstep from Salad UK not only because it is good, but because she complained about it to YouTube and made him pull it. Thank goodness for Vimeo.


DubStep Friday’s: Girls LOVE Skrillex!

Girls LOVE Skrillex!

Another Friday and with the weekend here it is time to get out and dance and that is what Dubstep Fridays is all about. This week we feature yet another Salad UK remix and this one has some hot stepping ladies getting down to the Skrillex.


Original Clips (in order):

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Benny Benassi – Cinema (Skrillex Remix)

Skrillex dubstep video remix

Unreal Tournament Music

Unreal Tournament Music

In the late 90s people in the FPS camp were divided between the people who liked Quake 3 and those who preferred Unreal Tournament. I was one of the ones that fell into the Unreal Tournament camp.

Unreal Tournament 99 Menu screen

I found the gameplay faster than Quake 3, along with the game having much better colors, a more efficient engine, and completely blowing it away as far as music went. Quake 3 was butt ugly and UT99 had a palette of bright colors instead. UT99 ran so well on so many machines that is was what I used as a benchmark to get people to buy my custom-built computers. It sold me the most computers back in those days other than Everquest 1.

Getting to the music it was all tracker music and having grown up playing Amiga, it felt right at home with the fast action that was usual in old Amiga games. Even the samples used in the songs seemed perfectly picked. The music is so classic for this game that even in the later sequels to Unreal Tournament the music is mainly remixes of the old tracks. The songs range from adventurous space sounding songs to epic industrial rock songs that will get your blood pumping and go hand in hand with the brutal carnage of the game.

My kudos to Alexander “Siren” Brandon, Michiel “M.C.A.” van den Bos, Andrew “Necros” Sega, Dan “Basehead” GardopĆ©e, Tero “Teque” Kostermaa, Kai-Eerik “Nitro” Komppa, and Peter “Skaven” Hajba for creating yet another favorite soundtrack in one of my favorite games of all time! Enjoy and go blow stuff up!