Parappa the Rapper


Parappa the Rapper

This time around Parappa the Rapper made the list and why shouldn’t it? It’s an amazing game and very revolutionary for its time. Before the Guitar Hero trend came to place there were very few music genre games out there. There were Parappa the Rapper, Umjammer Lammy, and MTV Music Generator although those two games last mentioned games came out later in the Playstation’s lifetime. Nevertheless, there were very few games using music as the main part of the game. Anyways, Parappa the Rapper made its debut in 1997 which was a really great year for the Playstation with such releases as Breath of Fire 3, Final Fantasy 7, Crash Bandicoot 2, and even Tomb Raider 2. It was pretty much the year of sequels for many franchises so the gaming library was filled with great titles. We also cannot forget about Castlevania Symphony of the Night being released and I’m sure there are others I must have forgotten to mention so I apologize.

Parappa the Rapper


Parappa involves into six stages which may sound short but will keep you busy for quite some time. They are fun and great to play through over and over. Even if you don’t like rap you’ll fall in love with this game. The main point of this game is to match the cursor on the top by timing it when it passes through the screen. Make sure you press the right button or you’ll loose your score and become awfully uncool. The game does deliver you difficulty in small dosage as the first level is extremely easy, it’ll become harder and harder as you progress which is very fair and should be implemented in every game. This is what keeps the player coming back for more.

Parappa the Rapper


Once you finish the game though, there are many other things you can do like go for the highest score and reach the cool factor. If you do then you’ll be sent to a different style of gameplay opening the possibilities even further. I won’t spoil it for you though, you just gotta believe!


Commercial Wars: Best use of a Rap

parappa the rapper
parappa the rapper

Rap is universal, sure it may be dominated by African American artists, but rap is for everyone. Well, everyone except video game companies. Don’t get me wrong, you have to do what you can to grab a younger generation but most of these were just really bad commercials. Also I have yet to find an old video game commercial using rap that has actual African American kids. Oh well, on to the voting!

Atari 2600: The Fun is Back

The fun is back oh yes er re it’s the 2600 from Atari. Oh my lord you know that guy went on to make millions in the music industry.  When Atari packaged its system for a new low price of just $50 you know it was time to make a rap about it.

Nintendo: Zelda Rap

Oh Lord where to start. Okay first, does anyone else get the vibe that the kids are looking at an adult magazine and not Nintendo Power? I mean besides the “”Nice Graphics” quote it sounds like something I would have said while checking out Playboy.

Next is the “rap” I have to guess this is a parody of rap because even Solider Boy isn’t that bad. Not only is the beat box out of something you’d see on rapping granny, but the “lyrics” sound like they were pieced together from a fortune cookie.

Finally and again the way they talk about the game toward the end, “Ya go Link ya, get some.” Is that not a line from every Ron Jeremy movie? I just think these children need more parental supervision and a kick in the ass.

Sega Genesis: Toe Jam & Earl

I can’t hate on this one too much because it does fit the style of rap at the time and the game was to have a “hip hop” vibe. Does this rap not sound like the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” theme? I know when I saw this commercial the first thing I did was call my home boys for some two player action. Err…wow that just doesn’t read right.

This Ain’t American Idol

However, we need your vote. Which rap best fit the theme and style of the commercial?

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Bust a Grove OST

Bust a Grove OST

Known in Japan as Bust a Move the name was changed when Puzzle Bobble was released in the U.S. under the same name. Bust a Grove showed up on the PlayStation video game console in late 98’ and was a rhythm and dance game in the vein of PaRappa the Rapper but it added fighting game elements such as special moves.

Bust-A-Move OST

Made by Enix (now Square Enix) you could go up against the PC or another player and as you pressed the correct moves on the direction pad you would “attack” your opponent. Honestly it was like You Got Served meets Dance Dance Revolution.

What made the game for me personally was the music; it had memorable tracks with awesome beats that really got you in the game. I still play the tracks often on my media player.

As always Obsolete Gamer supports the original work of the artist, you can purchase the full soundtrack here.

Crash Bandicoot versus Parappa the Rapper Iron Chef Style

Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot

I played this commercial during The Obsolete Gamer Show #2, but I had to give it its own post just because it made me spit coffee on my screen when I first saw it. From what I can tell there is a cook off between Crash Bandicoot and Parappa the Rapper. However, neither seems to know what they are doing and they seem to be using weird ingredients.

Is it just me or does Crash look high in some of the shots? Perhaps he has been hanging out with some of Parappa’s friends or maybe the Dude you’re getting a Dell guy. Also I would think that Parappa would have an upper hand in cooking considering he was taught to rap by an onion guy. Maybe I am reading too much into this.

Another thing, is it just me or does the Playstation man creep you out? I mean he just looks really weird and that dance he does frightens me. The one thing we do know from the commercial is that in the end when the lady tries the food she hates it to which the Playstation man replies “Stop being a baby”

If any Japanese fans out there want to translate this we’d be forever grateful.