Iron Man

Captain America & The Avengers

You play as any one of 4 Avengers who have close-up and long-range battle attacks. Captain America slings his mighty shield, Iron Man shoots his repulsor beams, Hawkeye’s bow and arrows, or Vision…with his……visiony-like thing that he does. You’ll fight through lesser villains like Klaw, The Living Laser, Whirlwind, Sentinels, Wizard, TheGrim Reaper, The Mandarin, Ultron, and Crossbones. That’s a lot of sweet Marvel-villain action. Fighting through the levels, you will gain assistance from hero friends like Namor, Wonder Man, and the Wasp, who will drop power-ups, health, and give you moral support. [...]

Iron Man Suit in the Avengers Movie

Here are some more candid shots from the upcoming Avengers movie. These shots show Iron Man in a motion capture suit, but it appears it was only a stunt double as Robert Downey Jr. was not present. We are not sure how much of Iron Man will be motion capture, but the other picture shows people carrying another full Iron Man suit and a bunch of Iron Men helmets. [...]

Iron Man

Stark to a tee, as does the decor of his updated, futuristic Malibu mansion – his workshop is full of super-advanced technology and watching him interact with it all is really enjoyable, especially his banter with his computer and robotic helpers!As you might imagine, after three months in captivity, in a cave, in fear of his life, Tony’s ordeal changes him. When he finally gets back home, he declares that the company he inherited from his father [...]