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Geek Salad 004: Video Games to Board Games and Vice Versa

J.A. reviews Star Crusade and Randy talking about video games made in to board games. Gameplay in this episode is from: Hearthstone Star Crusade Deadly Premonition This war of mine

HearthStone: Tavern Brawl, Captain Blackheart’s Treasure, Mage honorabili vs wor2rick7

More HearthStone action this time we enter the Tavern Brawl after Captain Blackheart’s treasure as Honorabili’s mage takes on wor2rick7.

HearthStone: ABSOLUTE WIN Paladin honorabili vs Priest Eonni Ranked

Honorabili dominated with his paladin deck in this ranked match against his priest opponent.  

HearthStone: Rogue honorabili vs Warrior Thormud Ranked

Quick rank match Rogue vs. Warrior ranked.

HearthStone: Mage honorabili vs Druid NINJA12z Tavern Brawl Top 3

Check out this gameplay video from the weekly Tavern brawl in Hearthstone where Obsolete Gamer’s Honorabili goes up against Druid NINJA12z.

HearthStone: Paladin honorabili vs Priest Satoss Ranked

Some HearthStone action, this time honorabili’s Paladin deck takes on Satoss Priest deck in ranked combat.

Hearthstone: Karazhan, An Uninvited Guest

Karazhan is the latest single player episode for Hearthstone and it’s actually pretty funny. 🙂 If you want to play Hearthstone for free click here. To view all our Hearthstone Videos, click here. :