Nintendo Gameboy

I remember the first GB being released in the summer of 89’ even with its green pea soup colored screen and the fact that you thought your eyes were failing you every time you ran around in Super Mario Land because the game blurred, it was still one of my favorite handhelds. It was simple enough to use, it had the classic NES controls consisting of a two action buttons (A and B), a start and select button as well as a directional pad.

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Mobile Games

Final Fantasy on the iPhone

Keep in mind that these are the Japanese release numbers meaning FF II in the U.S. was really FF VI in Japan so with these you are getting the original FF I & II. (There will be a test on this on Friday) Now the guys and gals over at Enix realize this game my not appeal to new comers of the FF franchise, but us old school RPG’er should be chomping at the bit. Even if FF isn’t your thing if this is successful you could see more titles down the line like Chrono Trigger and something I’d love to see, Parasite Eve.

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