Fabian Santiesteban: Velocity Micro

Velocity Micro logo

Name: Fabian Santiesteban

Company: Velocity Micro

Profession: VP of Operations

Favorite Classic Game: Mortal Kombat 2

Quote: There is something strange but enticing about fatalities that I loved. I can hear the words now. FINISH HIM! FLAWLESS VICTORY

Gamer Profile: Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor - Gas Powered Games

Name: Chris Taylor

Title: Game designer.

Company: Gas Powered Games.


Favorite classic game: Robotron 2084 to name one, from the eighties, Populous, both easily classics!

Quote: Well, my measurement is based on how many hours I spent playing… because the game was original, and tapped into that deep, chewy, inner part of my soul…

Catherine Welch: Game Casa.net

GameCasa.net logo
GameCasa.net logo

Name: Catherine Welch

Title: I am a staff writer for Game Casa.net which is a site by gamers, for gamers, dedicated to bringing entertaining news, reviews and information to every kind of gamer on every kind of platform.

Gamecasa is a place where people can share, relax, and enjoy gaming goodness and all it has to offer, including reviews on new games and skits about games and gaming, while making friends.

Company: Game Casa

Favorite classic game: MvC2 or really far back Oregon Trail

Quote: Because of the great memories with friends and the catchy intro song..lol girl answer..as far as Oregon Trail, I loved the hunting..getting kids ready to play Cabela’s Grand Slam Hunting!