You don’t get the show #14: Genital Removal, Risque IOUs and Black Friday Stories

We have Ubisoft removing female genitalia from Watch Dogs 2, DOAX3 DLC featuring tear away swimsuits, a Chinese online student loan company that uses nude pics as IOU’s and a whole lot more in a packed pre-Thanksgiving pre-Black Friday show.

David Hasselhoff: Don’t Hassel the Hoff


The guys over at 60Frames created this video a few years ago featuring David Hasselhoff during ninja practice and the 80’s retro band, The Boy Cruise.



David Hasselhoff: Jump In My Car


This video is just creepy. The Hoff pulls up in his super K.I.T car trying to pick up women, but it more looks like he is some weird kidnapper not some cool due. I think everyone will appreciate the background images like the Wonder Woman stars. I guess in the end Dave realizes he doesn’t really like women and boots her out ejection seat style.

At 0:32 tell me what you think she says.