Crash Bandicoot


Crash Bandicoot was sought out to be the mascot of Sony just like Mario was the mascot of Nintendo. It worked for a while, until the games went down hill. The best part is that you don’t have to hear about the crappy Crash games, I’ll talk about the good ones here yay! Crash Bandicoot is what a platformer can be if done correctly. This game involves Crash who is trying to defeat this scientist yada yada yada doesn’t matter, it’s the gameplay that counts most of the time, then again some games need to give you a reason to keep playing them, err RPGs anyone?


Crash Bandicoot gameplay is very simple. There is the jump button and the spinning attack button and well I think that’s pretty much it. Of course you move with your D-pad! From my experience, this game is a lot of fun and also full of secrets. This was a big hit for Sony back in the day and good thing it was, the game and franchise helped them get an image to compete against Sega and Nintendo. Too bad it was fucked up years later on the PS2…..but lets not change the subject again, Crash 1 for the PS1 is full of nostalgia. The game is what you will expect from a platformer, it has interesting levels, secrets, and crazy bosses. There are things here and there that you might not find appealing but good thing there is a sequel.



So that should be it for now, the game contains high marks on music, control, graphics, and gameplay. You can’t lose with this one! Pick it up as it’s mad cheap on eBay. Look for it at your local flea markets and thrift stores as well. Until next time!

Crash Bandicoot versus Parappa the Rapper Iron Chef Style

Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot

I played this commercial during The Obsolete Gamer Show #2, but I had to give it its own post just because it made me spit coffee on my screen when I first saw it. From what I can tell there is a cook off between Crash Bandicoot and Parappa the Rapper. However, neither seems to know what they are doing and they seem to be using weird ingredients.

Is it just me or does Crash look high in some of the shots? Perhaps he has been hanging out with some of Parappa’s friends or maybe the Dude you’re getting a Dell guy. Also I would think that Parappa would have an upper hand in cooking considering he was taught to rap by an onion guy. Maybe I am reading too much into this.

Another thing, is it just me or does the Playstation man creep you out? I mean he just looks really weird and that dance he does frightens me. The one thing we do know from the commercial is that in the end when the lady tries the food she hates it to which the Playstation man replies “Stop being a baby”

If any Japanese fans out there want to translate this we’d be forever grateful.

The Obsolete Gamer Show #2

Obsolete Gamer banner
Obsolete Gamer banner

Back again with another podcast this time with a slightly (and I mean slightly) better production value. In this episode J.A. introduces the E3 2010 pimp, showcases the Obsolete Commercial from Japan featuring Crash Bandicoot, gameplay of Temco Bowl, F-Zero and Sonic 2 and a video presentation of the Alienware m11x.

The software crashed right at the end which is the reason for the cut off, good thing we were done anyway.