The Obsolete Gamer Show: Triforce Johnson (Twin Galaxies 35th Anniversary)

The historic Twin Galaxies arcade celebrated its 35th anniversary as hundreds of gamers attended the event in Ottumwa, Iowa to pay tribute to whom many call the father of competitive gaming, founder, Walter Day. We welcome Triforce Johnson back to the show to talk about the history of Twin Galaxies and its importance in video game history.

The Obsolete Gamer Show: Walter Day

What do you talk about when you sit down with a legend like Walter Day? Crazy horror movies like, Deathbed and the time a 7 year old Japanese girl beat your friend in a video game of course.

Any gamer worth their controller or keyboard knows Walter Day and his work with Twin Galaxies and our conversation with him covers what was truly the birth of eSports and competitive gaming. We also discuss the changing face of gaming and the effect the internet has had on games and gamers alike and the legacy of Twin Galaxies.

You’ll want to check out this interview.

An Optical Delight: No Scope Demon Series Gaming Glasses

No Scope Demon Series Gaming Glasses

In the world of competitive and casual gaming. Players will tend to go full out and search for any type of advantage. From high end machines to flashy accessories. Well I am here to tell you that you don’t have to break the bank to also take care of yourself.

No Scope Demon Series Gaming Glasses

Today I will be reviewing the first of many new reviews to the sight as I take on the No Scope Demon Series Gaming Glasses and put there claims to the test. I’ve “scoped” out other glasses that make similar claims and have seen there prices go in upwards of $85 dollars an even higher then that!! Well I am here to say you don’t have to break your savings to get not only a quality product but also a hidden gem that I believe will help you in the long run with those heavy gaming sessions! So sit back relax and take a read as I give you the information on these optical enhancements!


Price point at $19.99 these glasses rival the ever popular Gunnar Glasses in desired results while not breaking the piggy bank. The lens quality is superb while lending its self to lessening eye strain during long gaming sessions.

High quality frame work while still being lightweight. During long sessions my normal glasses tend to move and bother me as they slide down some. Wearing my contacts and using the No Scopes allows me to not worry about any type of movement on the glasses as these seam to hold and fit very nicely on my nose.

Accessories like microfiber cloth and caring case are also included and much appreciated by users like myself.


Do they come in white? lol


For the price and quality of the overall product I believe you will not run into a better option then No Scopes Demon Series Gaming Glasses. These glasses are equal to anything on the market at a fraction of the cost. If you are looking to enjoy long gaming hours these are very beneficial and will reduce eye strain and also help you transition from long gaming sessions to sleeping hours as they reduce the blue light effect from monitors that may cause insomnia. These will forever be in my arsenal of weapons to take on the competition. Head over to NoScope’s website and enter code jhernandezog so they know I sent you.

Competitive Content Director
Obsolete Gamer

Final Verdict: 5/5 Obsolete Gamer Certified

Gaming Under the Influence

Gaming under the influence

Gaming Under the Influence

As the video game industry and culture has continued to grow, gaming has grown from interactive entertainment to a spectator sport. Numerous leagues and streaming websites now feature live streaming broadcasts of almost any video game in the world, ranging from major competitions to walk-throughs of popular titles taking place in a gamer’s living room.

Gaming Under the Influence aims to change the rules and bring video game competition out of the the living room. Taking place every Friday night from O’Malley’s Liquor Kitchen in ChicagoGUI brings television production quality to the table as participants take part in a combination of video game competition and drinking games.

“A couple years ago, I toyed around with the idea of doing something different than a ‘stream’,” said GUI‘s Jared Hoffa. “I play a lot of games, but I can’t sit and watch someone play games on Twitch. It bores the hell out of me.”

According to Hoffa, it was a trip to another part of the world that helped him put the pieces together for the show that would become GUI.

“I headed over to South Korea for fun and made it a point to see what they were doing in TV and gaming,” he said. “As most gamers know, professional video gaming is serious business over there and broadcasted on two major networks. What you might not know is the studio that makes all this magic is smaller than a high school gymnasium and broadcasted in standard definition. The same day, the executives at KBS-TV showed me GAG, a live, improv show that seats 500 audience members every show. It was unbelievable. With that, I had my motivation.”

Bringing video gamers out of gaming streams and into an entertainment venue was aimed at bringing them to the forefront, according to Hoffa. Several video game personalities, including Robot Combat League contestant Keisha Howard, have already appeared on GUI.

“I wanted people besides hardcore gamers to be engaged and have fun,” Hoffa added. “I wanted gamers to find a new platform to showcase their talent and their personality. Take off the Turtle Beaches and get out of the chairs. Give people a show!”

Stressing that Gaming Under the Influence is not a video game livestream, Hoffa brings years of television experience to the live show.

“I’ve been an on-air personality for NBC Universal’s In The Loop w/ iVillage, and a producer/shooter/editor for ABC, NBC, and WCIU-TV in Chicago,” he said. “As of now, I’m on-air as the witty App-Man on ABC7 Chicago’s Windy City Live. Television is fun, brutal, and unforgiving in every-way possible, but it’s an experience I’d never want to live without. GUI takes an entire production team and a slew of equipment to make possible. All the graphics you see, all the effects and camera changes is happening live.”

The surroundings of Gaming Under the Influence combined with a live broadcast brings an unpredictable element to the show, according to Hoffa.

“Every show we do, something memorable happens,” he said. “I think my favorite show is when a random old guy in a suit jumped on stage and started dancing next to the contestants. It was random, it was hilarious, and it threw everyone off…even our play-by-play announcer.”

Gaming Under the Influence airs live every Friday night at Viewers can interact with the live shows by voting with the Hot Box throughout the broadcast.