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Let’s Play Fractured Space: Colossus, Frontline PVE, 17T 2D 1SP 5C

Hector and I were playing against the AI in Frontline mode. I was running the Colossus for the first time and got 17T 2D 1SP 5C.
Xmen Arcade 6

Classic X-Men Arcade coming to XBL and PSN

Xmen Arcade 1 Long before I became a crack head for X-Men versus street fighter I fell in love with the X-Men arcade game. I use to spend tons of money (for a kid) on this game because it was just that fun. The large arcade cabinet with multiple screens ...
Tron original poster

TRON Movie Review

Tron original poster TRON movie review “Greetings program!” What’s really going on? The movie is about a company that’s being secretly run by an A.I. which eats other programs and keeps gaining functions and intelligence. Even ...