New Console Releases: October 3rd Report

Video Games on shelf
Video Games on shelf

October is a great time, you have Oktoberfest, Halloween and… well that’s about it, but you also have new releases for your favorite consoles. Unfortunately, November is normally a big month for games and because of this October seems to get the shaft, let’s see what we can dig up that might be worth you hard earned (or not) cash.

Just a disclaimer, these are not all the games that are coming out nor are they top picks based on their score from other sites. This is Obsolete Gamers or more correctly, J.A.’s picks for games coming out this month.

October 3rd

It seems as if I misspoke because this week of the month has a pretty hard hitting release line-up. I hope you have some extra cash on hand.

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

It’s all about team work and in this case that truthisum is taken to the extreme. This action adventure games pits two main characters against, well against everything. You have to fight, run and transverse the landscape to make your way to freedom and if one of you dies its game over.

NBA 2K11

Ah, the war of the NBA games is back and just like the HEAT, 2K has stacked the deck by bringing in Michael Jordan to be on their team. Now the question is will the mix of MJ and the playstyle of 2K win out over Elite.

NBA Elite 11

EA Sports it’s in the name change. NBA Elite takes a different approach by redesigning key features of its game in hopes of bringing a different experience to basketball game fans. There is no doubt the game will be well done, but in the war of the court who will come out on top? Oh did I mention you get NBA Jam with this game and only if you purchase this game?

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

If the world was coming to an end Alucard is the guy I would want bashing heads with me in those final days. However, I will take a Belmont as well and in this 3D version of the classic Castlevania series we step into a new world that brings a cool and new dynamic to the game. Don’t worry all the classic whipping and Dracula bashing is still there and the environments are beautiful and well done. If you loved any of the Castlevania series this is a must have.

Def Jam Rapstar

It was only a matter of time before we got a Rap version of the karaoke-style games. With the release of DJ hero I knew it would be forthcoming and if there is one company to release a “band” game its Def Jam. Rapstar lets you rap long with a long list of Def Jam superstars including Redman, Method Man and Salt n Pepper. I got to see this game at E3 2010 and it looks like a load of fun partially with two people rapping together. I can’t wait for the YouTube videos.

So we are changing things up and will be bringing you a week by week breakdown of new releases so look out for next week’s review of games being released for consoles. The week of October 10th looks good as well; I hope you get your homework done.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow

Castlevania Lords of Shadow logo
Castlevania Lords of Shadow logo

Castlevania Lords of Shadow

To call yourself a classic gamer you would have to have beaten at least one of the old Castlevania games. In my opinion if you didn’t beat both Super Castlevania and Symphony of the Night your classic gamer resume is seriously lacking.

However, there is a new generation of gamers out there who may have heard of Castlevania but never really played it and that is the audience Konami is targeting with their upcoming title, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

LOS introduces us to Gabriel whose wife was murdered and is on a quest surrounding two holy masks that are infused with special powers. LOS doesn’t follow any specific Castlevania timeline and it is not yet clear if Gabriel is related to anyone from the Belmont clan, but he does have the trademark chain whip and use of daggers and holy water.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow logo
Castlevania Lords of Shadow logo

From what we learned a change in gameplay with LOS will be that platforming and navigating the in-game environment will be more important than ever. Our hero will be using his whip to latch onto object and pull himself from place to place when he’s not scaling the walls of castles and the faces of cliffs.

Now what immediately stands out are the graphics, the in game visuals are incredible, not only are they stunning but they move fast and fluid. LOS will be using the Mercury Engine which Konami hopes will bring them frames of 30 or higher. Add to that over one hour of cut-screens with one being over fourteen minutes long that unravel the story giving you a cool, engrossing cinematic experience.

LOS will also feature stylized QuickTime sequences that the developers tell us will be different than how they have been used in the past, but unfortunately we do not have any more information than that at the moment.

It’s not just graphics either; did we mention that within the numerous cut-scenes will be Hollywood talent voice actors from icons like Patrick Stewart?

This definitely is a game to watch even if you never heard of Castlevania and the good news is it will be released for both the X-Box 360 and Playstation 3 this year. As more information is released we will bring it to you including a full review once we get our hands on the finished product. In the meantime check out the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow trailer.