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Badass Inc. Gameplay

We love retro inspired games and Badass Inc. is right up our alley so when we got a look at this game we had to try out the demo. If you played any of the old school action/adventure side-scrolling games especially with a sci-fi or cyber-punk feel to it then you will really like this game. It’s fun and funny and looks great in the style and atmosphere created for you in this beautifully pixelated world. Our only gripe is that it was too short!

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Ever wanted to run a country? With CyberNations, a massively multiplayer online geopolitical simulator, you can. Your country interacts with other players’ countries in the general setting of a facsimile planet Earth. The real game, however, is on a larger-scale groups of these countries form alliances, which are the real nations. Politics happen, treaties are signed, wars are waged and reparations are paid.

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