The Obsolete Gamer Show – John Rodd

We all love video game music in one way or another. Often we do not even realize exactly why, that it takes the work of a talented sound engineer to put together the sounds and music in just the right way to give the story true impact and emotion.

John Rodd is one of those engineers and one of the best in the business. His credits include work on Breaking Bad, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and recently, Star Wars Battlefront along with many more.

John takes us through his history from sneaking into see Star Wars at age 11 to working with huge names in the entertainment industry. He also told us about his craft and what it takes to bring emotion to a story be it in television, video games or film.

Deal Done on Breaking Bad Final Season



Negotiations between AMC and Sony Pictures have completed and a deal has been struck to create 16 final episodes of the dark drama, Breaking Bad. Budget was the main sticking point of the talks dealing with who would cover the $3 million plus for the series.

With the deal done the 16 episodes look to be filmed together however, those episodes may be split into two 8 episode seasons. All that is left now is to hammer out the final deals with series create Vince Gilligan and actors Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul.