The Obsolete Gamer Show: Ben Gold

The Retrogaming season of OGS continues with another Twin Galaxies legend, Ben Gold.

Ben was a pro gamer and legend at 16 and a member of the inaugural U.S. National Video Game Team. In our extended interview, we discuss what it was like being a gamer during the 80’s, appearing on That’s Incredible and meeting, Walter Day for the first time. If you like classic gaming nostalgia this episode is for you.

The Obsolete Gamer Show: Luminaries of eSports (Walter, Billy, Todd, Ben, Steve, TriForce)

If you are a gamer then you most likely know a little about eSports. eSports is big right now and is only going to get bigger over time. What people may not know is where eSports began. We talk with not only pioneers of gaming, but the first eSports team.

Our guest list for this episode includes:

• Walter Day: Founder of Twin Galaxies
• Billy Mitchell: Gamer of the 20th Century
• Todd Rogers: World’s 1st Professional Gamer
• Ben Gold: 1st World Video Game Champion
• Steve Sanders: Top 16 Gamer of LIFE Magazine 1982
• TriForce Johnson: Founder of Empire Arcadia

We talk about the founding of Twin Galaxies and the effects it had on the gaming world as well as the Life Magazine photo shoot in 1982 and the World’s first television broadcasted video game world championship hosted by ABC’s That’s Incredible. We also discuss the US National Video Game team and 35 years of eSports.

Council of Gaming Legends


An idea started in 2008 to bring together some of the legendary gamers to work for a common cause.  Nicknamed the League of Legendary Gamers on Kotaku for a charity event at E4All 2008, a group of gamers united to collect food for the homeless.  This group of “Legendary Gamers,” composed of Walter Day, Johnathan  “Fatal1ty” Wendell, TriForce Johnson, Billy Mitchell, Todd Rogers and Justin Wong,  wanted to do more.

In April 2011, a new council, the Council of Gaming Legends (CGL) was formed.

CGL’s purpose is to promote and preserve the heritage and culture of gaming and to connect Arcade, Console and PC gamers in a common initiative.

The members of the CGL include: Day, TriForce, Mitchell, Rogers, Ben Gold, and Steve Sanders.  Gold, Mitchell, and Rogers were 2010 International Video Game Hall of Fame Inductees.  At the same ceremony where they were inducted, Day received the inaugural “Walter Day Lifetime Achievement Award” for his lifetime dedication to the world and history of professional video gaming.  Sanders, former world champion on Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, was the first team captain of the U.S. National Video Game Team.  TriForce is the Guinness World Champion for Tetris DS and Vs. Super Mario Brothers.

“Lightning has struck twice. The greatest legends in gaming have come together for the positive, forward evolution in our gaming culture,” TriForce said.

Over the next several months, the CGL will reach out to many different organizations, companies and individuals that share these same values. A formal press event and conference will take place at Billy Mitchell’s King of Kong Arcade at the Orlando International Airport on Saturday, April 30, where they will discuss several concrete initiatives that the group is undertaking.

CGL’s first proud sponsor is Save Point Gaming.  For more information, visit

For other inquiries, you can reach TriForce at: