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Twin Galaxies

Ben Gold on discovering Twin Galaxies

Twin Galaxies hall of famer, Ben Gold tells us about his first experiences at Twin Galaxies.
Obsolete Gamer

The Obsolete Gamer Show: Luminaries of eSports (Walter, Billy, Todd, Ben, Steve, TriForce)

If you are a gamer then you most likely know a little about eSports. eSports is big right now and is only going to get bigger over time. What people may not know is where eSports began. We talk with not only pioneers of gaming, but the first eSports team. Our ...

Council of Gaming Legends

An idea started in 2008 to bring together some of the legendary gamers to work for a common cause.  Nicknamed the League of Legendary Gamers on Kotaku for a charity event at E4All 2008, a group of gamers united to collect food for the homeless.  This ...