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Battleborn: Episode 8 The Heliophage Normal Thorn Pt 1

First part of the playthrough for the last storyline mission of Battleborn.

Battleborn: Bots Battle Echelon Incursion Thorn

Fun PVE Bots Battle mode using Thorn in Echelon Incursion. To see all our Battleborn videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuqRuL_MxEq_UHMbrk805kEu4OmXnYH1j

Battleborn: Episode 5 – The Sentinel, Normal, Thorn

More from the world of Battleborn, episode 5, the Sentinel.

Battleborn: Episode 3 The Renegade Normal with Thorn

Here is the next installment from our Battleborn series, episode 3, The Renegade Normal with Thorn.

Battleborn: Episode 2 The Void’s Edge, Normal, Marquis

More adventures from the world of Battleborn. To see all our Battleborn videos here. To view more of our Gameplay Videos, click here. To check out more of our Let’s Plays, click here.

Let’s Play Battleborn w SweetGina: The Algorithm Normal Miko

Here is a Let’s Play of Battleborn where I was playing with SweetGina in The Algorithm, in Normal, and I was using Miko with SweetGina using Oscar Mike. I got frustrated because she and I died a lot in the beginning. Click here to see part 2: Click ...